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    CK 3510 improvements

    Wow that is one terrible design..
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    Good post ..There is always a AZZ hat in the crowd that get off on little digs..
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    On the bandwagon. Grille guard for DK 4510

    That looks great,Nice job..
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    Sad sack I did report your post to the mods. Is it really necessary for you talk about someones wife in a bad way? You are one insecure person :poop:
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    Warranty Claims & Reliability

    POPCORN in hand this could get interesting..
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    Not sure "combative"? Funny stuff always good to cry the good cop bad cop attitude.Your queer wiener comments make me feel uncomfortable. o_O Still waiting on your tractor pics? Laffin..
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    Thanks for the great belly laugh it made my day.. :D (y) Still love to see your tractor pics..
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    You every notice when folks don't like what they hear they start name calling? Shows how insecure you really are. LMAO.Why all the anger for lainsburg did you have a bad sheep experience there?
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    Ann Arbor go figure the looney libatard town I should have figured it out :D that explains a lot.No on budds tractor Michigan Iron and equipment for my purchases.I can see you shopping at Aeschilmans they seem up your alley.Post the pics of all of your large tractors you use in Ann arbor love to...
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    H,mm still never fully answered the question where is here? Are you a politician ?? I don't go into a purchase thinking by god what is this tractor or piece of equipment going to be worth in 5 years.I purchase for the long haul.Maybe you are not the type that does..Do you even own a tractor or...
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    The bucks are liking the food plots

    This guy was from 3 years ago never seen him in deer season.
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    The bucks are liking the food plots

    Combination of clover, brassica and rye ...
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    Car Show

    Very cool.. (y)
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    The bucks are liking the food plots

    Few pics of our food plots no huge racks yet.
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    The new Grapple has arrived..

    I have that covered with a 1000 lbs rear ballast weight off my 3 point.