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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    MillWeld, That is my understanding as well. Thanks
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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    Doughknob, I have a 2 amp setting on my regular charger. I'll give it a go. Thanks.
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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    Dmaacleo - Yes it is working. The light on the battery box comes on when I plug the trailer in and the truck is running. Thanks.
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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    I have a 5 ton GVW flat bed trailer with dual axles and electric brakes. I rarely use the trailer. The brake battery does not get charged as a result. I thought it charges whenever the trailer electric is plugged into my truck and the truck is running but now I'm not sure it does charge. It's a...
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    UTV Comparison

    I'm in the market for a full size UTV and have narrowed it down to several manufacturers & models - Polaris Ranger XP 900, Ranger 570 Full Size, Kawasaki Mule (model TBD) & John Deere Gator (model TBD). The primary uses will be general farm chores including using a 25 gallon electric sprayer...
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    JD 7400 Brake Lining Repair

    The tractor has had a long term problem with hydraulic & transmission alerts when running at 2,000 rpm or higher. Changing filters, fluid & a sensor have not solved it. Finally had the sump screen cleaned and the mechanic found what he thinks is brake liner debris clogging the screen. The dealer...
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    5410 Transmission Problem

    My 5410 has 7,400 hours and a new Woods 6' FEL. I bought it from a dealer & am supposedly the second owner. The gasket at the split underneath the tractor between the front and rear of the tractor, approximately under the seat, deteriorated after 10 hours of loading chicken litter & had to be...