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    Exhaust options for my 4’ x 4’ generator shed

    In addition to the recommended double wall pipe, you might want to consider adding a Lomanco turbine on the roof. I installed one of these in my shed roof years ago. It still does the job of lowering the temp in the shed. It works by convection and will be spinning away on a hot day with zero...
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    I need some input on roll around tool boxes

    I have several oversize boxes I like, one is an old stainless Sams club special buy, but my favorite is a Kobalt from Lowes. I also have the biggest Craftsman they sold so forty years back thats still going strong. Lowes handles the Craftsman line now which seems pretty good. The one I have is a...
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    Am I crazy? Chalky oil in crankcase - 1 Hr old - Husqvarna ZTR

    FWIW the Huskvarna has a four year warranty. If it was me, I would contact them and see what they advised. I would think a couple of oil changes would likely take care of the issue. The machine probably wasn’t run long enough to sustain any damage. You might also consider adding an some Seafoam...
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    Am I crazy? Chalky oil in crankcase - 1 Hr old - Husqvarna ZTR

    Considering that this machine is an air cooled v-twin, not likely to find a water jacket leaking either from a cracked head or a bad head gasket.
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    Rodents win again

    I have been using pepperoni for the last 50 years. Got tired of fattening them up on my peanut butter, cheese, etc. I have both antique cars and tractors in carports and garages. The old victor traps with the pepperoni in them has worked the best for me. Mouse damage to the machines is a royal...
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    Changed out fuel filter and now tractor won't start

    I had a similar problem (intermittent power loss/stumble) with my kubota bx2350. Like you I suspected fuel filters and changed them out. Unfortunately that didn’t resolve the issue. After a lot of head scratching and research I finally figured out it was the seat safety switch. Not my first...
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    Drain plug 3/8 +/-

    Look at the fill/drain plugs on older cars rear end pumpkins. I have a double ended wrench to take out those plugs that has seven different square tips on it. I restore antique cars, and have used most of those tips at one time or another. The common sizes are 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2”. My wrench...