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    Just thought this was a nice shot my son took hanging out of the door while I was cultivating . 35 year old versatile with 35ft deep tiller , no gps or light bar :)
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    Getting the junk ready to go

    Always hard to get them all in one pic . Another backhoe , excavator, Dozer and 3 tractors left out but getting a few serviced and ready .
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    Deutz ks 150 rotary rake

    Cannot find tines for this machine without bringing them over from the UK . grateful for any help .
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    Who needs a bale wagon ..!
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    A bit of light spring ploughing :)

    I think i just saw a clay pipe :) Tiefpflügen mit 4 Hanomag D700D Raupen. - YouTube
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    How to stop a JD combine throwing grain over the back !

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    Spraying wheat last night

    how to take a screenshot on a pc
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    And what colour would sir like his NH ?

    Some of these are nice . New Holland tractors in a different coat - British Farming Forum
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    Cleaning up the yard

    Snow is on the ground now and too cold to do any more field work ..-22c yesterday so started taking down the old 200ft hog barn that was starting to collapse . Backed up the truck to take out any iron to the shredder , Those "pickers" reality TV shows could have had a field day !...operator is...
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    winter must be coming !

    Cultivating a few days ago . The most geese i've seen in one bunch i think . the noise was deafening :)
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    Hay Hay Hay

    Grass has been on the ground for almost a week . 35-39 degrees c with 100% humidity has not helped, wind picked up and clouds cleared this afternoon . got 244 baled and stacked 4pm till midnight . Alfala/brome/timothy mix ..about 7 bales/acre . No raking or tedding...12 foot sickle haybines...
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    I have been buying the wrong tractors

    Seems even the older kubotas had some useful features :)
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    Finally got it home today !

    Very pleased with it ..
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    The "GREENIES" will like this :)

    JD 6400 ...! High hour heroes ? JD 6400 - 3/30/2012 - Farmers Weekly
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    Oil change time !

    My son took a pic while i was changing some oil this morning !