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    GR 2110 Diesel starting problem

    Have a G2160 which us the earlier cousin to the GR. Had the clicking issue and placed a relay on the safety switch circuit that would in turn activate the starter solenoid. John Deere makes a low volt kit with parts that you can adapt but most of the square 30 amp automotive relays will work...
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    Kubota instrument panel not working

    Small fuse box at front of tractor next to battery and radiator. Have had trouble with the spade connection to positive battery clamp in past.
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    Kubota instrument panel not working
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    stopped up grease joint

    Fill with solvent or light oil
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    Kubota BX2380 Backhoe Subframe from a BX22- Can it be swapped

    The TLB frame is different then the BX frame with added reinforcements for the backhoe that cannot be purchased separately. And then on top of that you are going between 2 totaly different BX series the 00/30 and the 80 over 15 years of changes
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    L5740 battery/starting issue

    On my L3130, it has a strap style battery post clamp, on the side opposite the side with the crimped on wire going to the starter there is a spade connector going to a small fuse box next to the battery that feeds the glow plugs, alternator and the dash. Have had problems with the terminal...
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    Loading issues on Dump Trailer

    Get a bigger truck 1500 towing a dump trailer is a no go here. Takes me less then 2 minutes for a truck or 5 minutes for truck and trailer.. Yet waste over 5 to do a utility trailer for $20 You will only get a corner loaded bucket unless you have a full sized dump trailer and HD pickup. Have...
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    Need help identifying brand of rotary cutter

    Maybe just time for the OO grease. After I have been messing around with 2 rotary cutters with leaking/ bad gears in the gearboxes I just may looked on Ebay for complete units and they are not that bad. There is a guy with cheap seal kits also. Seems like everybody copies or uses the OMNI...
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    W.R. Long still recommended?

    If you engage the third function while curling the bucket you will be curling and clamping at the same time and any feathering of the curling also restricts the grapple. If you use the third function valve by itself then you may need to click the switch in short bursts to get the desired...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    OK this one got the cops attention. Police in Eugene warn driver hauling boat with sedan
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    L3130 : PSB 2004-055 service bulletin question : hydraulic pump oil starved

    Been there done this. The kit has a new pump drive housing with a calibrated hole to bearing and a threaded boss that goes to a new oil filter base with a feed hole going through tubing with mounting hardware to supply the oil. Took half a day to do it was upset because Kubota would not fix...
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    L4330 not turning on

    On the Grand L there is usually an auxiliary spade terminal feeding some fuses in a box at the front of the tractor. That connection can have problems have replaced clamp and terminal on my L3130GST
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    oil pan drain bolt repair

    Some of the Outlander Rotax Engines have only a few threads gripping on th drain bolt and the Timeserts are being used to repair the aluminum threads. ++ TIME-SERT Official Threaded inserts for stripped threads, blown out sparkplugs,
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    Kubota VS WIX/NAPA oil filters

    I know I have gone round and round with people wanting the best filters for there equipment and years ago when I got the BX2230 I looked at some of the NAPA crossed filters and came across some of the filters on a site where they were rated and examined inside and did not like some of them as...