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    Pairing Flail Mower Size And Cutting Conditions To Tractor PTO Horsepower

    Also, nothing says you have to cut the full width of the mower (usually). I have a smaller tractor (25 PTO HP) and need to cut brush taller than the hood of my tractor (the flag is 6'). I bought a 48" flail mower. I still have to go very slow and only cut 24" per pass. Works great because...
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    TESLA Electric Truck?

    Slight update on Semi price, from Tesla website: $150,000 base model.
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    TESLA Electric Truck?

    I'll be buying one. Bought the license plate for it last night.
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    Keeping hoses off ground

    Hopefully this will make you feel better... I tried bungees first. They didn't work well for me. If I made them loose for grapple work, they sagged way too much when grapple was off. Mine is not quite like what EA now offers. Hopefully that type will work for you. :thumbsup:
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    PTO shield safety chains

    I've been researching this lately and find it amazing how controversial it is, and how much contradictory advice is given. Some people claim you should never cut the chain to shorten it as that is not safe... yet those same people cut their PTO shafts to fit without a 2nd thought. :confused...
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    Flail Mower Just received Betst Flail Mower

    It was a hard decision, flail mower or brush hog. But I want the stuff shredded, not just chopped down in big pieces. No experience with either, so I'm hoping this will do what I want. There is a long flail thread here that had me thinking a 73" Caroni might be the one I want. But I only...
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    Finally installed fire extinguisher

    I've been meaning to attach a fire extinguisher to the tractor for a long time. Finally remembered to buy the clamps while at the hardware store. Here's hoping I never need it! :)
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    Wheel Weight kits for Kubota TLBs

    Thanks for the link rScotty. :)
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    Photo Posting How To

    Xfaxman, thank you. You posted many times about clicking the picture in edit mode, but nothing I did had any effect. Until you posted this! How about that, now it works1 :thumbsup:
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    Free Ford backhoe - who says used sells for same as new?

    Of course, you get what you pay for... ;) (local Craigslist ad - several motorhomes also free in about same shape!)
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    Chains Bucket hooks

    Ken does say he cannot recommend doing it, but says it's a CYA because he has never tested it. I just drilled all the way through (I can't weld). They work fine. I would like some facing the other way so I could run the chain over the back of the bucket, but doubt I'll ever get around to...
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    Backhoe Dolly for LS XG3025 LB1106 Backhoe

    1) Here is the backhoe on its dolly. Normally it lives on concrete in the garage, but at the moment it is in the yard. When in the garage I usually put a Harbor Freight dolly (the little size, 11?) under the front end of the subframe just to keep it off the ground. Total length of the dolly...
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    Best UTV?

    Even closer to Big Bear, 4-door Isuzu Rodeo in Palm Springs: Craigslist Rodeo Betcha this would work for OP.
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    Best UTV?

    That's a very pretty Sami (in the picture at least ;)), but I think they are asking too much. If I didn't have my Isuzu I'd go look, though. Is the front lift kit mount ripping away from the frame? Picture from the ad:
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    Best UTV?

    Same as me, almost. I have a Yamaha Rhino but wanted something enclosed with air conditioning. Samis are great, almost as easy to get parts as Jeeps, but I wanted an automatic so got a Isuzu Amigo. 2-door (with rear bench seat seats 4 or 5), very short, but V6 with 4x4 with hi-lo will go...