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    thingamabob not in proper place

    On my 2001 BX2200 this spring I lost all steering. Turns out it was the same problem you had. the two bolts in your picture loosened up and one was missing. Can't remember if it was both sides and I don't think the brackets were bent. It was a quick fix for me, the longest delay was...
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    A similar thing happened with my Kubota L3800 HST. When it was very new less than 50 hrs. I shut it off about 1/2 mile from the barn and walked around for awhile, then decided to start her up again. NOTHING no clicking starter, Nothing. Luckily I wiggled the HST pedal and after some trial...
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    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Found another Cub Cadet Challenger Dealer about a month ago. 25 miles from the dealer I originally bought it from. Who agreed to look into the Challenger 550 problem. Guess what, their was a recall on these machines in 2019. Seems the transmissions on some of these machines suffer from...
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    If I tilt forks all the way down on BX1880, they won't tilt back up.

    I experienced something similar one winter with my 2001 BX2200. Using the bucket to push snow, At start up the bucket would not tilt back until the machine warmed up. All the other hydraulics worked fine just not the tilt back. I considered two possibilities - water in the lines or low...
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    Intermittent starting problem

    Should your tractor be the Hydrostatic model, I had a similar problem with the pedal not being centered in the neutral position. On my Kubota L3800 there is a grease fitting but that was not enough. There are roller bearings on the pedal linkage that need manual greasing. They dried out...
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    Kubota Mower Deck Pulley Failure

    After 12 years of mowing my 60" Kubota deck had a similar problem. The Top nut on the shaft would not stay on. No amount of tightening, new top nuts/lock washers or lock tight paint would keep it from working loose. I found that the hex shaped shaft that the pulley sits on was worn down plus...
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    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Spoke with dealers mechanic today and explained that my machine does not go into gear until after the gas pedal is pressed. Again only occasionally. His first response was that this was normal. Also with Polaris utv's as they both are belt driven. This was said in front of another...
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    Cub Cadet Challenger 550

    Have been having a annoying problem with our 2020 challenger 550 since we bought it last year. Sometimes when shifting into gear either forward or reverse there is a grinding (sounds like a chain slipping) before the machine is fully in gear. I do not find a chain drive system so I assume it...
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    Box blade advice

    I have the EA 66" box blade. It is a little wider than the tires for my L3800 Kubota. When I make a pass there is nothing but smoothed ground behind and that's a great look. So A little wider is good but I think too wide and you start hitting things. Can't remember the weight of the BB...
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    Possible way to stop sliding-slipping down in Kubota "B" seat.

    On my 2001 BX2200 the plastic seat started to show cracks. I taped them all up but, the seat looked terrible. Started looking for a new seat but then I found seat covers (can't remember the brand) that cover the whole seat plus a zippered compartment and two storage pockets at back of seat...
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    My tractor mods

    On my 2001 BX2200 I welded 1/4" round steel bent into a U shape to put around my turn signal lights. Seems getting into wooded areas I would damage them beyond repair. Haven't had to replace a light since I made the cage like brackets. I did not think about mirrors but I may do that...
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    Kubota L3400 seat cutoff switch

    800 hrs. on the L3800 now. The seat switch has given me no more problems at all and works as it should. The new problem I was having with the HST pedal was it got very rough to use going forwards. Worked smoothly going into reverse but had to use force to go forwards. After greasing all the...
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    New Purpose Build for Dump Trailer

    Can't wait to see the first screenings. I'm looking for screens right now.
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    Im thinking of BUYING A NEW TRUCK..

    I bought a brand new Silverado in 2003 and kept it for 17 years until last year. One month after I purchased it a shopping cart rolled or was pushed (I'll never know for sure) into the truck right under the gas cap cover. Causing a rather deep 6" long vertical dent. Last year I went looking...
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    Fill Rite Fr11c

    I have the basic fillrite hand crank pump. It is installed on a 55 gallon white plastic drum. I can see the level of fuel with white. The threads on the pump are cast and rough so I filed the high spots, a small triangle file for inside edges of the threads. Not doing that the plastic...