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    Which solar panel for my barn

    Tenders are fine, but I found just disconnecting the batteries and leave them alone worked for me. When I came back from Florida to Wisconsin after 4-5 months everything started right up. It maybe didn't crank like a new car, but it only needed to start.
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    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    i had a wood tailgate for a trailer 2x10x6 feet hat was attacked by those little buggers. For a project I had going I needed some saw dust. (5 Gallons or so). I decided to plane down that board into dust. After taking a few passes 1/16" at a time I was amazed at the passages they left. Some...
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    Making a Seat Cover

    Just curious, I have a JD tractor with the standard yellow seat and has some serious cracks in the plastic seat portion. If I got a new seat, would a fabric seat cover keep cracks from forming on the new one? I like your work op. Hope it works out for you.
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    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    After a summer or two of fighting them I found that painting the wood works and for EVERYTHING else I spray with a BIFEN IT concentrate mixed with water. A couple ozs/gallon works well. After spraying right way in the spring and again in the fall the Carpenter bees start finding someplace else...
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    considering this trailer...

    I would get rid of the springs and weld a saddle for a 3.5" trailer house axle and use load range "G" tires. That stuff could be found cheap. Shoud be good for any load you are going to pull on it.
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    Ehydro issue

    Recheck oil level. If mine is 1/2" low that is over a gallon low/ But is a 3720/
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    Thinking about a new saw

    I bought an Echo 620p about 3 years ago. At the time, I was also looking at a Stihl 362. I was sold on the trouble free claim and the 5 yr warranty. It is a beast, in my view. In about 10-20 cords of bigger oak cutting I have absolutley no complaints. Good weight, soid build, easy low...
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    Troy built tiller with Tecumseh 6hp

    Another one on the connectim.g rod list. Some of you mentioned oil level. I am thinking that was my problem. Maybe I'll find out?
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    Get rid of those bent axles!

    Long time ago I heard they are designed so when load is maxed out the axles will be straight and even with semi flatbeds the trailers will be flat when loaded down.
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    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    I thougtof making something that attaches to the sprayer to hold the handle in the on position while cranking the engine overwhile starting. Might make starting a mite easier.
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    Purchase dilemma

    If the rears need to come off to load them, I woud consider sticking spacers on.
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    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    I have an Excell washer with a 10 HP Briggs motor. the ony way I can start that is with water on and flowing freely with the pressure hose disconnected. I let it run to clear all the air out of hose and pump. While disconnected I start the washer and let it run for a minute or so. Then I shut...
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    Ballast Box Loading

    Very good point. Would lose a friend that way.
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    Ballast Box Loading

    I would sell the lead and fill the box with heavy rocks with concrete used to fill the voids. Pretty cheap if you have rocks. I mounted a chainsaw scabbard in the weight box before filling and works great for carrying my saw.