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    Tecumseh OH160/Case 1816

    Dad bought a used 1816 30 years ago, with no engine. He bought a new Tecumseh OH 160 through Padgett sales near Indianapolis. If I remember correctly, the standard crankshaft size is 1", but the 1816 OH160 engine crank was like 1-1/8" on the drive pulley end. They had a bushing that would size...
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    Tecumseh OH160/Case 1816

    You might try doing a search in the Sears garden tractor section. I know they used that engine in the ST16 model, as I had one. I read up on them and most common problem was the ss ignition module, which is now N/A. But, have read threads where guys have simply cleaned, and adjusted the...
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    Farmall A engine confusion.

    I will look like this. Otherwise, there will be a cast iron elbow That is like in the second picture.
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    Farmall A engine confusion.

    My U-123 doesn't have a water pump either.
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    Farmall A engine confusion.

    Run all of the numbers on the block on Google, and see what comes up. On mine, the identifying tag was on the bell housing for the belt pulley unit that was attached to the engine. Mine came off a 55-T square baler.
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    Farmall A engine confusion.

    Looks like a U-123 power unit. I have one on my Farmall A, installed it myself. It came off a 55-T baler.
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    Craftsman/Kobalt/Tekton/Pittsburg Sockets/Wrenches -- General Thoughts/Question

    Auctions, swappers days, and flea markets, with vendors that have used items is where I have picked up many USA made tools. I never seem to have enough 1/2" or 9/16" wrenches. Too many little jobs of tearing something down, and I leave the tools I used with that little project, until it's put...
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    Case 580D Parts and Model Year Search

    Model year is determined by the serial number. On newer models, the serial number plate is mounted on the left side, inside the cab/ROPS,just above the floor plate. Here is a link to Case Construction: Case construction king loader backhoe | Case CE | MyCNHi US Store When you open the...
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    Smoking farmall a

    The Motorcraft B82 is another great plug, if you can find them.
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    Smoking farmall a

    Dry with carbon build up, and black smoke ususlly indicates running to rich on fuel. If your plugs show carbon, plus oily residue, you're getting oil past the rings, or valve guides. The standard plug was a Champion D15Y or equivelent. It was common to step up to a hotter plug to get by for a...
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    Smoking farmall a

    The spark plugs will tell you a lot too. If they have an oily residue on them, not carbon buildup, more than likely. it's the rings. My BN's rings were so bad, plugs would foul out after about 45 minues of run time. An over bore sleeve/piston set, crank turned .010 with new bearings, and valve...
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    Filling a cistern

    Got a gravel pit close..?? Concrete, or fill sand would probably be better to work it's way down around those chunks of wood. Make a slight mound as mentioned, and every time it rains, it will wash the sand down around those pieces of wood. You could pull out what you can to get a good start...
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    Best Place to Buy Parts

    You may be able to find a decent used fuel tank, and oem cap in a salvage yard. With todays technology they should be able to take pictures of any part, and send them to you. I believe all yards have a money back guarantee. Most have reasonable rates on shipping too. Here's a list of 10, 240's...
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    Farmall Super A froze?

    Since they have wet sleeves, could be a cracked sleeve, or cracked block internally where the sleeves fit into the block, or even a leaking o-ring on a sleeve. Those are more common thana cracked head, normally in the valve seat. Drain the oil pan, and remove it. Pour water in the radiator...
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    Case d530 ck issues repost

    Hopefully you're right. Just trying to diagnose from writings and description, rather than hearing it is tough to make a call. Anymore, don't have a clue about buying parts. It's been 20 years since I've done a major OH on anything. Maybe someone else will chime in on that. As far as...