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    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    Might want to research the licensing more, you probably do need to get a contractors license. Especially if you want to take any jobs relating to anything to do with a septic tank / field. On business insurance I've found it more advantageous to find a good local agent than whatever particular...
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    Where to find this piece

    McMaster Carr is a good resource. They ship quick too. McMaster washers
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    Fuel in oil sump (a lot of fuel)

    On that engine there are 4 individual fuel pumps built into the engine, one for each cylinder and they are operated off cam shaft. They are a SOB to replace and are supposed to be done in sets. I don't know how you would test to know which one would be the culprit. Here is a video showing a...
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    How to broadcast seed evenly

    Is the field already prepared? How are you going to cover seed once spread? Might check and see if you can rent a drill. That would be the most accurate to plant and would get the best germination rate. Local soil conservation service should have drills to rent and you usually just pay by...
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    RK37 Weight for hauling to first 50 hour service 129 miles away. I need a trailer.

    I don't think they will hold 83 gallons each. The tires on a RK37 aren't big enough to hold that much. 83 gallons total more likely, roughly 40 gallons a tire is the most I think you could put in there to cover the rim and leave an air pocket in the tire.
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    Sporstman 500 H.O. Polaris Question

    Personally I'd just keep running the reliable one till it falls apart. You know it, it has served you well. Replace what needs replaced when if it breaks and rock on. The unreliable one would be good trading fodder. You might see an implement or tool or something you want that someone might...
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    Kubota Interim Tier IV Motor Oils

    The chart is on the Kubota USA main website. Click on service and support tab then the maintenance tab.
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    Kubota Interim Tier IV Motor Oils

    It's been hashed out here and on other forums. Since the manuals were printed Kubota has updated their recommendations. Double asterisks on this chart refer to this change. I use Rotella T6 0W40 in my M7040. Kubota Fluids Chart
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    NX4510 starter not turning over

    I had this problem on a 2020 built NX6010. You've gone through most of it but one switch I didn't see you mention is the brakes must be locked together, there is a switch on the lever that locks the two brake pedals together. It must be in neutral. PTO off. Brake pedal pressed, weight in the...
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    What's the engine oil look like? I'm thinking you probably have a leaking head gasket.
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    When is it time to repalce the tires

    And when they start leaking, tube them and use them 10 more years.
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Sounds like the dealer is throwing parts at it. Obviously it starts and runs, it just won't stay running. Could be as simple as a faulty fuel cap vent or loose safety switch. If they are troubleshooting by just plugging it in to their diagnostic tool and throwing parts at codes you might be...
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    NH-134 Hydraulic fluid

    I guess a question to ask is what have you ruled out? The 134 spec oil is pretty basic and there are many, many good products that would work well for where it is called for. What's it going in? At Tractor Supply the Traveller Premium Universal meets it, the Mobil Delvac on sale right now at...
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    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Trailer thefts are rampant in my area. TN doesn't require they be tagged for personal use, steal trailer scratch off VIN and call it homebuilt. Arkansas requires tags, but are so lenient you can tag anything without being questioned. Scratch off the VIN, call it a homebuilt, and get a...
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    Get rid of those bent axles!

    Camber, you don't need no stinking camber.