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    Good morning!!!!

    Just finished playing out in the garage with the lathe and mill. Already have a powder trickler but it was fun to make. Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    Been busy today and got nothing done on the wiring. With the static converter I will only get 1 1/3 hp out of the 2 hp motor but that will work for a while. I am only playing anyway not trying to make a living. The 2000# HF lift slings are sweet, 6 ft long and very handy. Kyle, there are a...
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    Good morning!!!!

    67569] Pics of the lathe with tooling and 3 phase converter Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    Here are a few more of my wife's creations. Enjoy. and
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    Good morning!!!!

    This is the latest quilt project my wife is working on. This is the one that she sewed with a needle and thread and is now hand quilting. It sits in front of the living room window. Hope this worked Ed
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    Good morning!!!!

    This is the pic I said I would try to post today. I am 6'4" and 250 lbs so it is not a tiny mill. Wow first pic posted ever. Ed
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    New to me Everlast 256 S, Tig, Stick, Plasma

    sorry. Reprint
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    New to me Everlast 256 S, Tig, Stick, Plasma

    Got it almost new off of Craig's list today. It stick welded pretty sweet but did not have a bottle so could not tig. Guy said he used it about 6 hr's and from the way it looks it could be true. Came with both an air cooled and a water cooled tig torch and an Everlast cooler and a bunch of...
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    Flower bed borders???

    I am buying a new house, new to me, and the flower beds have stone in them and have no borders. What do you use that is easy to trim with the riding mower and keeps the mulch - stone in place? I have a weedeater but don't want to use it any more than I have to. Ed
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    Who makes a good air compressor for under $1000

    I would like to have a 5 hp 60 gal but the reviews are bad on all I have seen. I can't see buying a high $$$$$ compressor for me to play with. Will be thankfull for any help. Ed
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    X310 backup deck kill switch bypass?

    Just got a new X310 and love it so far except for that switch. It cuts off the deck if I forget to pull the switch and about 1/3 of the time if I do. If it worked all the time I would likely just learn to live with it, BUT. Thanks for any help. Ed
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    Thanks Merle.

    Thanks for the music Merle. You were one of a kind. Merle Haggard died yesterday on his birthday at 79. I read on line that he told his son a week ago that he would die on his birthday and he did. Ed
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    Help with price for my GC2400 and equipment

    I bought a new GC2400 with a 5' mower deck front end loader and frame mount snow blade. It is a hair over 5 years old and good shape with 367 hours on it. I need to sell it and want your idea of a fair price. It has been well maintained. I also have a 5' KK tiller, a 4' rotary cutter, a 1300...
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    Welding broken cast iron coat rack.

    I ave an antique cast iron coat rack that my sister broke. It is about 4 pieces that go from the bottom to the top. The bottom has a lot of cross bracing and so does the top so there will be some stress as I weld it together. It is in storage about 100 mi from here so no pics. any ideas...
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    Walk behind snow blower effort envolved

    How much work is it to blow snow with a walk behind snow blower? Is it something an old person in fair shape could do? thanks Ed