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    Akita Pool

    First test run of the fountain had mixed results. The flow is a little slow with just the water filling it up, but when the pool was full, and the pump was turned on, it was just too much pressure. I drilled 3 quarter inch holes in each of the three copper pipes for the water to come out...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I didn't realize that the seen between the roof panels and wall panels had gaps in them. Watching your video really shows it clearly.
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    Akita Pool

    Thank you. I really like that it's small enough to drain and not stress over what the water costs to fill it again. We only keep it full for about 4 months, if that, and it's nice to have it look nice when it's empty. I just need to focus on finishing the tile once summer ends!!!!
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    Wooden bridge for 2000# tractor to cross creek

    You really want the tires of the tractor to be directly over the 6x12 beams. If you can move your beams, then using 2x6's again should be fine. The only issue with the 2x6's is there isn't any support for them between the span of the beams, so there will be a lot of flex when walking across...
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    Akita Pool

    Seems like when I plan on working on the pool, something else comes up that has to be done, and the pool has to wait. I don't really have time to work on it now, but I've been storing every rock that I've ever found on my land in an area that I need to clean up for another big project that I...
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    AC Thermostat question

    Thank you for your advice and suggesting Aprilaire. I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. It took a lot longer to get here then expected, but that seems to be the new normal for a lot of things. Installation was pretty simple. Almost instantly, we noticed a huge difference...
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    Swimming Pool options

    This is what I'm leaning towards and using bromine. I have a hot tub and chlorine makes my skin feel itchy afterwards. Because of the dogs, we where thinking that we had to go with salt water for their safety, but after we now realize that we where being overly cautious and there isn't any...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Ladders scare me too!!! I'm at the point where I refuse to take on jobs that require too much ladder work, or going up 2 stories. Back when I was barely a teenager, I remember racing my brothers on who was fastest getting up on the second story when helping my parents roof one of their...
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    Case Farmall 75A review

    That ditch mower is really cool. I bet it would be awesome around the pond. I'll have to look for video of it on youtube.
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    Swimming Pool options

    Other projects keep getting pushed ahead of this. We use it unfinished because it holds water and it's really nice when it's hot out, but finding the time to work on it just isn't there. On the bright side, I now have a really nice fence around the vegetable garden and the dog yard has 3...
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    Gas powered water pump questions

    If you go with a gasoline powered pump, you will have to put the pump next to the pond. Your suction hose is probably only going to be 10 feet long. Longer will cost more money, but the amount of water you will be able to pull out of the pump will decrease with a longer suction pipe. This is...
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    Dog pics

    Matsu right after coming home from a show. He hasn't had enough time to get dirty yet. Kenshi is one of Matsu's daughters. She will be 16 months old on the 19th. She isn't show quality, but we consider her to be very important in keeping the others in shape. She wants to play all the time...
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    New House Build in WV

    First time that I've ever seen a recessed box used for a toilet water supply. Is that common where you live?
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    Out of the norm question

    I've been renting towable manlifts from Home Depot for quite a few years no. They had a Genie that I really liked, but now they have a JLG, that I don't care for. It's all in the controls, and Genie was night and day easier to operate. Just more natural feeling to me. I have a 2wd F150 that...
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    Any idea of how close "Tractor House" prices are to reality?

    I think they it's a good reference point. My goal is to eventually buy a cab tractor and 15 foot batwing. I watch what's out there just to get an idea of what I want. Some of the tractors that catch my eye don't seem to last very long. My only guess is that they where bought by somebody...