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    Borescopes... thoughts?

    I bought a $20 one that plugs into the USB port on a computer. It works pretty well. Last year I accidentally dropped a knife bolt inside the pto chipper. They provide an access door but the bolt was on the other side of the rotor which is a close fit in the housing. I made a tool by taping...
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    Garden tractor reccomendations?

    The warranty's already expired? Husqvarna TS354XD has a K66 transmission instead of the K46 in your Deere.
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    Loader joystick cable break

    Maybe you could use stainless safety wire to grip the housing and keep it from pulling out. I'd use .035 or .040 wire and twist the heck out of it with safety wire pliers to get it tight on the housing, then run the wires up to the threaded part and tie them off around it. Then do that a few...
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    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    When using GPS to check against Google maps (or probably any maps) there are two different sources of error: the gps telling you where you are when you're trying to find the lines, and the maps. Often the maps have property lines or ROWs offset by 10-30' from where they ought to be. It's easy to...
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    Loader joystick cable break

    If you add bends to the cable routing that will add friction. That may be better than a non working loader though!
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    Loader joystick cable break

    You got it. Center position on the valve spool is off. You want the joystick to be in the center then as well. If for example you made the housing an inch longer with the same cable, center on the joystick would pull the cable and the spool an inch from the center position. If your repair...
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    Loader joystick cable break

    Yes the bonnet is how you adjust the amount of free play in the cable. Screwing it out effectively makes the housing longer which since the cable stays the same length, would reduce cable free play.
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    Issues with the WM WC46

    Maybe the concept would work but since the chippers are not clones or even all that similar, you'd have to make it specific to the Woodland Mills design.
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    Loader joystick cable break

    The cables are pull/push. So not only do you need to get the housing properly seated in the ferrule, but you need to get it to stay in there when the cable is being pushed and the housing wants to pull out. I looked at my 3725's valve and it's got the allen screws holding in the "hat" and the...
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    What Did I Purchase?

    My '90s Kubota B7100 had that, minus the set screws.
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    Branson advise

    Between a Branson 3620 and a Kubota L01 I'd pick the Branson hands down. In fact I did. Except for the fuel injection the L01s are rather primitive. The weight and loader capacity difference is significant.
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    Chipper Advice on PTO Chipper

    I've chipped a good amount of Madrone, which grows any way except straight. I've found branches that grew into a 360 degree loop. I've been surprised at how well the Woodmaxx 8H handles that stuff. It helps to chip it when it's green and bends more readily but it still handles it pretty well...
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    Fuel filter funnel

    I have the large one. The one drawback is that no matter how I tilt it there's always some fuel left in the unfiltered top part.
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    Loader joystick cable break

    Would this work? 35" Joystick Control Cable | Valve Parts & Accessories | Hydraulic Valves | Hydraulics |
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    Looking to add a splitter / solenoid / valve to Kubota BX for front Snowblower third function

    Usually the momentary switch is on the loader joystick so it takes just the one hand. You could use a different kind of switch if you wanted. If it's going to be energized for long periods of time you'd need a diverter rated for 100% duty cycle but that should not be hard to find.