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    Ideas on how to chip deadfall aspen?

    If you had a PTO you could run a 9" Woodmaxx chipper. They're reasonably affordable. It takes some HP to chip the larger stuff. But with the equipment you have the only choice is to do all the pulling and stacking when you have time and then dedicate days at a time to chip the piles with a...
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    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    Lumber costs are only a part of the cost of a building. If you're getting older the equation changes to where an extra $30k or whatever is worth it because you get to enjoy the results for a significantly larger fraction of the time you have left.
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    Show your man baskets ideas

    yes No 275 is plenty tall enough at ~46".
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    Insurance cancelled on century-old farmhouse. What are the alternatives now?

    It's cool that you kept the water tower. Those used to be common where I grew up in the very east east bay area (a ranching town). But they're nearly all gone now. There's two state insurance pools- one for fire insurance and one for earthquake insurance. I know the earthquake one just...
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    ASV RC100 Third function proportional control

    I'd put them on the grapple between the quick connect and the tee to the lids. When I add them I set them up to restrict flow out of the cylinder(s) on the theory that doing it the other way can induce cavitation. But I'm not sure it matters.
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    I've got an 8" Woodmaxx chipper that I run on my 3725 (32 PTO hp). My stove does not like to burn Doug fir and we get plenty of hardwood so I chip all the fir I can fit into the chipper. I could really use more HP for that.
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    ASV RC100 Third function proportional control

    If it's moving the lids too fast you can add restrictors to slow them down. You'll still get full pressure for clamping objects.
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    3 cylinder engine vs 4 cylinder engine

    Neither a three or an in line four cylinder engine has perfect balance. Both have secondary imbalances. The three is worse, so triples are more likely to get a balancer driven off the crank to counteract the imbalance. Since all CUTS have solld mounted engines, balancer shaft(s) will have...
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    Mahindra 4110 lost power after topping fuel from can looked filter was black dirty

    Biocide might kill the algae or retard its growth. But it won't help an existing clog. If the filter is clean you need to check the flow from the tank to the filter. There is likely a glob of algae plugging the fuel pickup in the tank or the fuel line or filter housing. If you have algae in...
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    Will The Chip Shortage Affect Under 25HP Tractor Production??

    How the heck does the 3rd function have a chip? It's a simple solenoid valve. <25hp machines don't have EFI or ECUs, they're all mechanical FI. Any chips would be very simple ones in the dashboard. But there's been low inventory at dealers for nearly a year. Seems like as soon as covid...
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    CDC lifts mask restrictions for those fully vaccinated

    Based on differences in mortality rates it looks like more people died from covid than the official covid death numbers. The spread between mortality rate calculated covid deaths and reported covid deaths varies between jurisdictions and over time. There's been a lot of (real peer-reviewed)...
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    Chainsawing charred hardwood

    Semi chisel chain will stay sharp longer than full chisel when cutting dirty wood, though when sharp it does not cut quite as fast as a sharp full chisel.
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    Rear-remote for use of third function on grapple...

    I did the same when I ran lines from a rear remote up front to run the grapple. But connecting the grapple's hoses together when you take the grapple off does not prevent pressure build up. I thought it did, but then I removed the grapple when the ambient temp was in the 50s and tried to put...
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    Considering a Branson 5520H

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. That's without a turbo. The higher you go the lower the air pressure. So there's less pressure pushing air into the engine and fewer oxygen molecules available to combine with fuel to produce heat. It's about 3% less per 1000ft. It affects people the same amount which...
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    Hydraulic In Row Mower?

    The hydraulic retraction is pretty slick.