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    California Targets Private Property With Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

    Making all seasonals permanant would be awesome but I have not seen any legislation doing that. So far all that's happened is one time (or a couple time) extra payments, mostly to seasonals. That passes last year and it took most of a year for funds to actually show up. There's a lot that...
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    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I changed the oil, filter and fuel filter. This time I drained the fuel out of the filter housing before unscrewing the bottom instead of dumping a pint of diesel all over everything. My 3725 has the clear plastic bowl filter housing that has the manual priming pump on it. I also figured out...
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    "Who" makes the kukje motor for TYM T474 - Comparable to Massey Shibaura?

    DEF is only used on engines over 75hp, where the emissions limits are tighter than under 75hp. My 4 year old Branson has a low temp continual regen DPF, without the ability to command a regen. It works great for the vast majority but a few people mostly in very cold climates who didn't work...
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    Increased traffic on country road.

    I have seen people put up signs saying stuff like "This is not a through road. Your GPS is lying." If you can find out what web site/app is generating the bad route, you may be able to get them to remove it. I have heard of people doing this but sometimes it takes knowing someone at the company.
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    Hydraulic thread sealer

    If it's an NPT fitting then it needs sealant. Otherwise it doesn't. With NPT the threads are the sealing surface but with other types there's an O ring or tapered surface that provides the seal. If it's NPT then the LocTite 545 should work fine. Clean the threads with solvent (I use spray carb...
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    Need a Primer on Tractor brake lock

    My Branson HST will hold on a slope if I make sure I pushed the brake pedal reasonably hard. It's got the type of brake with a simple ratchet that holds the brake pedal down. The steps on the ratchet are fairly large. I could see one step being not quite enough pressure on the brakes and the...
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    Multiple problems with 2018 New Holland WM50 (470 hours)

    You usually need to buy the service manual, and it can be as much as a few hundred $$. It's worth it though if you do any work on the machine. A mechanic costs $125/hr. If you save two hours of mechanic's time over the entire life of the machine, the shop manual's paid for itself.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Unfortunately it''s not 100% compatible. I regularly have compatibility problems when I give my OpenOffice documents and presentations to Windows/Mac users running the MS versions, or I get their documents or presentations. It hasn't been enough to get me to build a Windows VM for my Linux work...
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    Fake Crops?

    Fake organic products are common. See The Great Organic-Food Fraud
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    Nice way of managing bucket plus pallet forks in my small barn bay

    I made a two level dolly. The bottom level is a space for the forks to slide in, and the bucket can sit on the top level. So the forks and bucket share the same floor space.
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    Bigfoot skull?

    Of course its a publicity stunt. The pic shows something that looks like a gorilla skull. It's not a bear. But the pic is only half the skull. Makes me think they're hiding something that would disprove their claim.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    The outside air kit (specific to each stove) is nice because it brings outside air directly into the stove. It's not being pulled into the living space and making it colder.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Most stoves now are EPA stoves. Many locations require EPA stoves in new installs. They burn cleaner than older designs and get more BTUs from the wood. There are catalytic and non cat EPA stoves. The non cat ones use clever design with smoke routing and air tubes to burn the smoke. Cat stoves...
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    Branson 7845 blowing smoke

    My 3725 is harder starting and runs on only a few cylinders for a while if I forget to wait for the preheater light to go out. Besides not waiting for the light, your preheater may not be working properly or at all.
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    1/2" to 3/8" NPT reducer

    I'm not a fan of NPT for hydraulics but in this case it's the right thing. I don't know what plating they use on these fittings but all the ones I have bought still look as new.