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    Well i broke it this time

    Was there any indication of it getting weak before it broke?
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    Considering selling near new diesel 1430

    Where did you get it from ? Looks nice.
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    I would go a little larger depending on the type of wood and also the battery chainsaw. My Redback 120 volt saw will do 12 inches easily but my Ryobi 40 volt saws I can do 8 inches easily.
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    The high cost of cutting grass

    I have a solution on how to save on gas and get exercise at the same time.. lol
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    PT-184 engine swap

    Why is there a glove on top of the battery? Nice job on the conversion.
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    I have been doing both in the past week, mowing grass one day and shoveling snow several days later
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    For the 40 volt Ryobi chainsaw I would use at least their 4 ah battery, lesser ones will work but the runtime is not too good
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    What kind of speed do you usually get from Starlink?
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Do they make any chainsaw chaps that will work with battery chainsaws, I have looked on line and I cannot find any ?
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    I own 2 Ryobi 40 volt chainsaws and I really like them. They are good on logs up about 10 inches in diameter also work on larger but battery life is a lot less and they are slower cutting on the larger logs. Use battery powered saws for cutting my firewood. I also have a Redback 120 volt...
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    1430 Duetz starting issues

    On my 1845 I have had issues with the starter solenoid 2 or 3 times and ended up replacing the solenoid .
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    Magnatrac MH7000 For Sale

    list it on tbn marketplace
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    I just found out yesterday that a location about 3 miles from me had received their Starlink dishes. About 6 families in that location got theirs the same day, so I'm hoping soon
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    What netgear router do you have?
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    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    I just got a Nighthawk mr1100 lte mobile hotspot router and the speed improved from our Verizon dsl some but not by a large amount. Download speeds from3 mbps to around 20 mbps on occasion but the upload speed is usually less than 1 mbps, it seems that the faster the download the slower the...