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    Drawbar pulling question

    Reading in another thread about rollovers, and recalling how I almost rolled my 9N over backwards shortly after I bought it made me think some about pulling with my Yanmar YM2310. When I almost rolled that old Ford over backwards it was because of the way I was pulling and because it was my...
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    Float option routing

    Out of the back of my valve the two spool covers are the same length. So I guess I have no float. It would be nice if I could just buy the proper spool, cover, detent, etc. to convert mine but I imagine that would be hard to do. Maybe if I lived in Viet Nam. So I guess what I will need to do is...
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    Generator/Electrical Question

    Your first post said LOTO, not interlock. Big difference. Good idea to get the plug for outside and the proper cord end. Then you won't have a suicide cord. Eric1
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    Generator/Electrical Question

    True story: My neighbor wired his generator exactly as you propose. I advised him against it. Well, we were having a windy day and flickering lights. My neighbor was at work but since my shop is on my property my neighbor's wife called me to help with plugging in the generator. The power was...
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    Beet Juice Tire Ballast

    II looked at R I looked at RimGuard but there is certainly nobody close to me to install it and I don't know the price. Bio Ballast costs about 40 cents per pound. Lucky for me that I'm picking up the steel plate for my wheel weights to 40 cents per pound. It's nice having a great scrapyard...
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    Float option routing

    Thanks for the reply. My valve looks just like the on pictured on the 285. My 285 is reddish orange colored but is otherwise identical looking. How can I tell if the valve has the float function? When I push the handle up to lower the bucket it does not detent like my Case 580 does. Eric
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    Joystick issues MF 1734 series

    Greetings Buckchaser, If you want I could probably repair that part. For free. If you have the time for mailing stuff. What I would need is an example of the thread. One way to do this is to find a bolt that matches the threaded part that this part screws onto. You could get a matching nut...
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    Float option routing

    I have a Bulldog 285 FEL on my YM2310. It has no float function so I'm considering buying a valve that does. In order to choose the correct valve if I can't find a number on my valve how do I determine the proper size? By the port size? Also, there should be no change in the plumbing, right? I...
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    Oil & Fuel Fuel cans

    Will it pump gasoline? My backhoe gas tank is very high so I hafta climb onto the machine with the gas can and then tip the can to fill the tank. Both of my wrists are bone on bone joints. Maneuvering the 5 gallon up on top of the backhoe tank hurts me every time I fill the damn thing. Eric
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    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    I don't like practical jokes, they usually just try for humor at someone else's expense. But I did get payback one time and it was a joy to watch. I would be TIG welding and this guy I worked with would turn off the argon or turn it down low and then I would get bad welds that I would need to...
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    My twisted sense of humor-what's yours?

    Oh yes, Little Willie. Little Willie Pair of skates Hole in ice Golden Gates Willie with a thirst for gore Nailed his sister to the door Mother said with humor quaint Careful Will, don't mar the paint! Little Willie on the tracks Heard the engine squeal Now the engine's coming back They're...
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    Looking for a good compact tractor

    I'm using steel because I can get scrap plate for 40 cents per pound and I have the equipment and skill to make discs from rectangular plate. Right now I use my box blade for ballast but would rather not have stuff sticking out of the back of the tractor sometimes. Thanks, Eric
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    Septic issue

    That's weird. The system is connected to a plumbed house? Are there vents with open tops coming out of the roof? Rain could get into the system through the vents if the tops are just open pipes. Mine are. Still, it would take a lotta rain down some 2 inch vents to get inches of water in your...
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    Septic issue

    When I put my septic in it had to be located a certain distance from the well, driveway, and property lines. Since all that stuff was marked it was easy to snow that the proposed septic was located properly. In Island County, at the time I put in my system, perc was based on soil type and depth...
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    Be careful of sinkholes

    I somehow missed that. Thanks. That guy coulda been easily killed. Eric