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    Who Makes a Trouble-Free 60" Diesel Zero-Turn?

    I bought a Kubota diesel z turn, got over 80 hrs on it with no issues. If you go with Kubota get the comfort seat, worth the cost .
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    Yellow or Dijon?

    Yellow for me [emoji39]
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    I'm a little late getting into this conversation but have you thought about this? Ospho OSPHOG; Ospho Metal Treatment Gallon Made by Ospho I've had good luck removing rust with it.
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    T-posts in hard ground - a hack

    We've always used the tractor loader bucket.
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    My 83rd Birthday

    Happy birthday [emoji3060]
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    Rear Blade Adjustment Preferences

    Blades have to be constantly adjusted, they are not a set it and forget it piece of equipment. I went with the pin type rhino and sure glad I did. I'm considering adding hydraulics now because of the constant adjustments needed when building roads. By what you need and don't settle for less is...
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    1-2 Three Point Quick Hitch

    You'll probably want a cat 1, that's the most common size unless you have a big tractor and large farm implements. Cat 2 are wider than cat 1.
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    Woods Blade feedback.

    For a rear blade to be efficient it needs to be heavy and adjustable. If you have that you can do a good job from pulling ditches to crowning a road. So with that you need a strong tractor. If you don't have either and have a smaller tractor I would suggest a pull box blade to pull dirt and level.
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    Hydraulic Side Tilt For 3PH--Single or Double Acting?

    Nope, don't think you'd like a single action cylinder.
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    disc harrow bearings

    Wow, I wondered if they were still being produced.
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    disc harrow bearings

    I think I remember old guys saying they used hickory down her in the south. I'm pretty sure it was a very dense wood. If you can post a picture of the disc set, I haven't seen one like that in years.
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    Looking at MX5400 for my 80 Acres-good choice?

    For utility work the MX is great but for farming activities I'd move up to the M. I love the HST for grading, grappling and bucket work. I went the biggest most powerful they had with the HST. I don't farm but rather bush hog and plow fire lines, remove trees and maintain 1/2 mile of roadway...
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    Used my lube shuttle first time yesterday

    I love the lock n lube tips. I had to get the additional 90° tip to go with it but wow, they're great [emoji106]
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    MX5400 breakout/lift strength?

    Are you keeping your rpms up? If so there might be a problem with the pump. I do believe the bucket is larger on the MX but still it should lift a full load of dirt. How does the weight of the rocks you're lifting compare to the weight of dirt?
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    Homemade Chainsaw Carrier - Yet another idea

    I built this in haste a year ago, it's simple but actually works. It's never fell or was knocked off so I guess it works out. Thought about upgrading it but haven't made the time