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    Gravel driveway maintenance - best SKIDSTEER option?

    I think I may have found the best option for my application and situation. Diggin-It should appreciate this. This is NOT my picture, just a random from the internet. Now, this will give me some versatility. I have an 8’ grader blade with a hydraulically adjustable tilt, angle, height and...
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    BushHog Brand Land Plane/Leveler?

    I have an 84” Bush Hog branded land plane. Works great. Only thing I wound up doing was drilling out the pin holes for the 3pt to match my Cat 2 tractor. I prefer not having any bushings to deal with. Get a hydraulic top-link. Night and day difference. Seems like you cannot a little down...
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    Gravel driveway maintenance - best SKIDSTEER option?

    I believe it is fairly universally agreed that a LPGS is the ideal implement for gravel driveway maintenance behind a tractor. I am another pretty firmly believes this to be true. How about on the front of a skidsteer? I have a 3/4 mile driveway and another 1/2 mile driveway. Seems the problem...
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    New SVL75

    I do not know when they came out with Hi-Flow. Maybe it was when they went to the 75-2 designation? I would have liked a 95, but it is too physically large to comfortably fit into my barn and scrape out critter pens. I also considered the 65 with hi-flow but decided the little bit extra lift...
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    New SVL75

    Just purchased a new SVL75 with cab and hi-flow hydraulics. Could not be any happier with the decision.
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    Anyone own a 5711 in central NC?

    Interested in getting a 5711 or similar. Problem is I can not find a dealer with one in stock. I would sure like to take an actual in person look before purchasing one. Does anyone have one somewhat nearby that they would be willing to show me?
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    Thinking of down sizing and adding a skid steer. Opinions?

    We have a 33 acre mini farm in NC that we purchased late last year. I did a lot of considering and decided on our M7040. 2/3 are sparsely wooded and open pasture, easy to drive tractor through. 1/3 is extremely densely wooded and not tractor-friendly. We have pasture mowing to do occasionally...
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    Going to look at a Bobcat 773 with 1700 hours. What to look for?

    Title says it all really. Going to heck out a 773 Bobcat that someone has for sale. It has 1700 hours and appears to be in good shape. The owner is pretty close by to me and claims he is second owner. Said it was used to clean up a farm before him and then stuff around his property. He is asking...
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    Anyone seen a new M4 series tractor yet?

    Has anyone seen one of the new M4 tractor yet? I love my M7040 but I need an instructor seat it seems. Would really like to check out the M4 but dealer isn稚 sure when they will have any. Are they on your dealership lot yet?
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    Time to pick another tractor... maybe...

    So my M7040 is great and has been serving me just fine. I am finding myself to be out of loader often. It is funny, front end of the tractor feels drastically undersized and the rear end feels oversized for my needs. I am mostly doing road maintenance on 3/4 mile of gravel driveway, some light...
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    Grapple MTL eBay Inexpensive Root Rake Grapple

    So I have become lazier since getting my grapple. Better than taking the grapple on and off! Seriously though, my MTL 66” has been holding up great. I have really used the snot out of it as well. For $1k, there is nothing to complain about here.
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    Anyone here a woodworker or have some experience milling logs? Need some advice.

    I have a Maple I have been thinking about cutting. The Missus would like a kitchen table from it. How does a log that is this burled mill out? Do the slabs look good? I have heard there is actually money in burls but I am skeptical. Is there some value in a tree like this?
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    M7040 with LA1153 Loader, 3rd Function Rework from Previous Owner

    My M7040 came with one of the rear remotes being plumbed for a grapple function. They ran hoses from the back, all the way to the front with a quick coupler in the appropriate spot to remove the loader. The quick couplers at the middle of the tractor have started to leak. Figure this is as good...
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    Building fences... I cheated.

    Have been augering, pouring in a bag of Quikrete, tamping, filling with some ABC gravel, tamping, filling with dirt for putting up posts. Feels just grueling. Everything is so muddy here and the red clay is so gooey that my boots weigh about 10lbs each. I had about 60 done this morning and...
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    County Line Post Hole Digger - Watch which one you get!

    Careful which one you get from the lot. Check the welds before you take it home. Lots of porosity here. Dang tab was almost broken off after three holes. .