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    What is the lowest CG / Widest Stance Tractor?

    Here's a photo of my 1964 MF135 diesel that's been lowered and equipped with 16" diameter rear rims and 18" wide tires. The front axle spindles were shortened to keep the tractor level. The axle height above ground is 16" and the track width is 84" to the outside rear tire walls. The squat ratio...
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    Old English Sheepdog---Heidi
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    Why are people in Indianapolis going postal.

    It's just a statistical fluke. In a population of 330 million, if one in a million is a psycopathic mass murder, then there are 330 of these creatures among us. Indianapolis is just unfortunate to have several of them. They don't necessarily have to be distributed evenly across the country.
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    8' pull-type disk behind L5460, possible?

    I pull this 8 ft wheel disc with my Mahindra 5525. It's a 14-ft wide disc cut down to 8 ft. Good luck
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    Disc Harrow Disc Harrow or Foward Tiller new field with rock & root after passing with Box Blade

    Re: Disc Harrow or Foward Tiller new field with rock & root after passing with Box Bl Add more weight to your disk. I added about 400 pounds of extra weight to my 7-ft wide offset disc using concrete in plastic buckets. Good luck
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    Rivet setting on a sickle bar mower

    I use nuts and bolts to repair my Massey Ferguson 31 sicklebar mower. Tractor Supply has them. Grain farmers use them to repair the long sicklebars on their combines. Rivets are a thing of the past. Good luck
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    Tiller Anybody use a disc harrow AND a tiller

    I'd use a middle buster to break up the compacted soil down to 6-8 inches. It will be slow going with that little 24 hp Boomer. But it's only 2 acres so you'll get the job done eventually. Here's how I did soil prep for the landscaping around my new house in 2005. Used a Kubota B7510 HST with a...
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    Let's talk driveway material. Just under 1/2 mile long.

    I had my 20 ft wide x 330 ft long driveway installed in 2005 with three 2" thick lifts of crusher run with watering and rolling each lift. No problems at all. Only maintenance was spraying the weeds along the edges. Good luck
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    How To Mow Farther Toward Treeline

    You can find pre-owned 9-foot sicklebar mowers readily. Here's a used 9-ft Massey Ferguson sicklebar on my 2008 Mahindra 5525. Paid $250 for the mower and replaced the sickle sections and guards for about $150. I prefer a belt driven sicklebar over the other kind with the wooden drive bar...
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    Gazebo/ Judge's Stand

    Here's a gazebo I built about 10 years ago. I poured concrete footings with embedded Simpson post brackets for 4x6 lumber. Good luck
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    Pulling off set disc with 60hp Massey?

    I could pull an old 7-ft Towner offset disc with my 2008 Mahindra 5525 (55 hp engine, 45 hp pto, ? hp drawbar). I added about 480 lb of concrete weight to get it to work in pretty dry soil. Good luck
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    Age old question; which tractor for steep hills

    You're right. Dave has set up Mahindra's and Branson's for work on steep slopes. Dave sold me a new 2008 Mahindra 5525 in standard configuration with large ag rear wheels. However, my 1965 Massey Ferguson 135 diesel is rigged up for use in the local olive orchards and on slopes. The rears are...
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    Adding a slipper clutch to a Betstco Flail Mower?

    I installed a slip clutch on my Kubota B7510HST to handle a 4-ft Yanmar 1200 rototiller. Had to shorten the PTO shaft and use longer lower arms on the 3 point hitch to get it fitted. Borrowed those arms from my 1964 MF135 diesel. Good luck
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    Tractor Suggestions for Florida Orange Grove

    I bought this 1964 MF135 diesel tractor from an olive grower. He lowered it with those large rear wheels (16" diameter rims, 18" wide tread) and shorted the front axle spindles to keep the tractor level. Used it to disc, mow and spray his 15 acre orchard. A low cost solution to your problem...
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    Slope...What is safe V2.0.

    You can increase the track width with spacers to improve stability on those slopes. And use the widest rear tires you can find. Here's my 1964 MF135 diesel that has rears with 16" rims and 18" tread width. This tractor was lowered to work in the orchard. The front spindles were shortened to...