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    3-Point Hitch 3 point arms only working when...

    I was working with my disc yesterday on my 2016 workmaster 37 and everything was working fine then all of a sudden my three point wouldn’t go down. I started messing with the control valve and it went down, but from then on I had turn it out a touch every time I wanted it to go down. So it...
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    NH 37 vs JD 3032e vs Massey 1734e

    Done deal, thanks guys!
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    NH 37 vs JD 3032e vs Massey 1734e

    First of all, I am new to the forum posting but been a lurker for a number of years. I am a hunter and will be upgrading my tractor this year from a 1950 ford 8n to something new for food plots and I will be utilizing a disc, rototiller and light bucket work around my 60 acre hunting property. I...