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    northstar power washer 1578812G

    Thanks for all the feedback. I took a chance at a local NorthernTool and they had one in stock by chance. The. Lack hose 90 was cracked at the barb but otherwise they said it should be just fine. Total cost $5. I also have one on order that will be here in 10-15 days. Son is happy he can start...
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    northstar power washer 1578812G

    Tracked down the part - Thermal relief valve - no one really has it in stock but Comet Pumps but I found an online shop that can get it from them and ship it to me for less time or money than Comet or other stores. It’s a $12 part but most places want $30-40 for S&H. Sorry no go with them.
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    northstar power washer 1578812G

    Richard - Thank you for the feedback. I was hopping not to do so but will try and find time tomorrow or Friday before leaving for the weekend. My son wants to power wash this summer to make a little money. He and his friends are hoping to start doing so next week. Thanks once again
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    northstar power washer 1578812G

    Hope someone maybe able to help - I have had the subject power washer for several years but the last few times I have used it I have noticed water continuously squirting out of a small 90 degree nozzle/hose barb that I do not recall happening when new. Attached are a few pics of the PW - In...
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    Time for a Zero Turn

    Loving the Bad Boy Mowers. ZT Elite is top end residential - low end commercial. These prices are set by Bad Boy.
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    Potato Salad Research

    No egg
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    Getting that old pine reddish-honey color RIGHT NOW

    Check out: Gregory Log & Lumber | Gregory Log & Lumber This Amish Lumber Company specializes in pine and may be a great resource for you new home.
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    Sunset photos

    ~60 miles west of Houston, TX
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    Zero turn thoughts on common models

    Beautiful looking machine!
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    Need to get up to speed on ZTs

    Oh yes - Puppy 1 of 2 both were happy! They ran all around and wore themselves out following me while I was mowing. They wanted to ride with me like they do in the Mule and Tractor but not on this machine!!! If they jump there is no way to stop fast enough.
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    Zero turn thoughts on common models

    You will love your Rouge- I just purchased a Maverick - wonderful machine. Just did not have the money for a higher level commercial Rouge. Enjoy!
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    Need to get up to speed on ZTs

    I would agree with the wide deck being easy to get closer. Mowing with my 60” when it sticks out about 6-8” from the wheels / body made it very easy to get close to the fence lines and they few trees/obstacles I needed to get close too. If it did not stick out body would rub etc.
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    Need to get up to speed on ZTs

    Great read - I just picked up a 2021 Bad Boy Maverick. Top residential / bottom commercial. Must say it has all the pluses I was looking for - easy access to all items, lift up foot plate, dial height, large tires, heavy duty deck and front casters, independent suspension all around, easy...
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    How to shore up a wooden pond spillway?

    Here are a couple of pics from the other side of the dam overflow. Ignore the boards. The 2x4 floated in and the ply wood is what I call the coyote perch - find their crap on it all the time (it’s been there for years - I need to remove it.).
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    6 foot Bush Hog rotary mower

    Check if the mower is rotating I the correct direction - gears somehow in backwards - PTO spinning wrong direction somehow? If the bolt sticks out beyond the nut a bit maybe drill a hole through it and put a corresponding in. Cutting threads or tack welding will make it very difficult to ever...