Gary Fowler

I grew up on a farm driving 8N Fords when I was 5. We had a 9000 Ford when my Dad decided to retire

Fishing, Driving my tractor and tinkering with my welder and shop equipment
Dec 8, 1949 (Age: 71)
Bismarck Arkansas
I am a retired Quality Manager for a large engineering and construction company
Real Name
Gary Fowler
2009 Kubota RTV 900, 2009 Kubota B26 TLB & 2010 model LS P7010
8' disc, 7' Bush hog, 6' box blade, FEL,cultivator,back blade, post hole digger
24 years of farming 400+ acres
Lot Size
Currently 12 acres + 30 acres of Brother in Law adjoining that we hellp each other with
Type of Member
Homeowner (11-20 acres)


2009 Kubota B 26 TLB, 2009 RTV 900 Kubota, 2012-20 ft 12k GVW trailer, 2013 Ferris IS 700 Zero Turn, 2 weed whackers, 2 pressure washers, 2 leaf blowers, 250 amp Miller AC/DC welding machine, Vulcan Omni-Pro 220 multi -purpose machine, Everlast plasma cutter/welder, Titanium 125 FCAW wire feeder and all the tools needed to keep them all repaired and running.