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    ford 4000 clutch release bearing support removal

    Watch this and see if it is of any help. Removal of the throw out bearing starts at about 12 minutes in.
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    Picked up TC 45DA from dealer and found damage

    Dealer had car for a week trying to fix a warranty problem (Electronic - Intermittent). I returned the loaner and picked the car up and left for a one week vacation. Upon returning from vacation I was washing the salt film off and found the two polished rims on the right had damage. The damage...
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    What were you doing when you were 11 years old?

    I remember where I was at when JFK was assassinated. It was not in the United States. Something else a lot of Americans do not know. "In Vietnam in November of 1963, Ngô Đình Diệm was overthrown and killed in a coup d'état by his military, with the tacit acquiescence of the United States. A...
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    I have found over the years when looking at the weather to not and try to make a decision based on using just the temperature as my definitive gauge.
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    I don’t know how he knows CO2 emissions aren’t harmful, but I do know from his statement he didn’t read this, or like publications.
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    Earth's Hottest Month

    The Scientific Community deals with the truth and facts. What you are asking for and wanting is the Scientific Community to disregard all the test conducted, data collected, analyzed and cross analyzed and instead use theory or belief. The American Tax Payer had better start counting the...
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    Lx172 Runs Well for 29 minutes then stop!

    This may help or provide information.
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    John Deere E110 on Fire

    Not a JD Fire but I will share it. In 1992 I purchased a 2084 Cub Cadet Garden Tractor. Equipped it with a 54 inch deck and used it to mow about three acres with since. This year I was mowing a slight a slight slope area around a outbuilding where I have been mowing for years when all of a...
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    Sometimes it's worth it to hire a land surveyor
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    Hearing Aids?

    The key in my opinion of buying hearing aids or being checked for hearing loss is to make sure you are being tested by a Certified Audiologist. I don't think I would purchase a set of hearing aids from a TV Commercial...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    They are if the person either negotiate free manuals in the sale or purchase a service manual or parts manual at time of initial purchase or later. Someone had to devote a lot of time and effort in assembling a parts manual or a detailed service manual. Are they supposed to do this and then...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    It is call good ole greed. I used to buy two boxes of the XL Hardy latex gloves at Harbor Freight for Fourteen dollars and change. COVID-19 spread around the World. Purchased two boxes yesterday for $42.18.
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    I don’t think people want to purchase the manuals, or tools to make repairs. They want free manuals, free parts, free tools and a free mechanic with the expertise and knowledge to make the repairs while they enjoy their favorite refreshment. I have a friend that owns a large automotive repair...
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    Right to repair laws coming?

    Farm equipment today is very complicated and very expensive. Very few people who owns a late model tractor, combine, etc posses neither the tools nor expertise to fix or repair. What happens when they short something out and turns a 500 dollar repair on a 300,000 thousand dollar combine into a...
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    Biggest group of idiot gun owners that ever lived

    I hope someone else was picking up the moving expense for all the moving around you have done.