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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    All attorneys are lawyers, but not all lawyers are attorneys.
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    Neighbor thinks pot growers are in the area

    My guess would be moonshiners. :)
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    Rolled the rtv 900

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    Rolled the rtv 900

    What turned out to be the steering problem?
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.
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    Strobes on Kubota BX

    Wow, they should be able to see you coming now! Good job!
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    It's been a while since you asked this, so you may already have found the answer, but here it is in case.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    A This CSV system sounds really interesting, so I googled it to see what it would take to add to my existing system. (It appears to not be a difficult thing to do.) However, this video caught my attention, a very different viewpoint on using a Cycle Stop Valve in the system… I’m not sure my...
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    ?????? GROAN 2

    And the other guy has one eye in the back of his. ;)
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    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    Owners manual just calls it a discharge deflector, no part number.
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    Chute ideas for Kubota F

    I believe you got your F a year or so after I got mine, so I wonder if they have just recently made the change to a steel chute. Mine came with a black plastic chute. Possibly the plastic chute for the 72 inch model I have would fit, but I have no idea of the part number for the chute. I’ll...
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    Kubota F v. zero turn

    Seeing Hay Dudes thread thread on his F purchase spurred me to find this thread to make a couple of updates to the long winded F3990 review I wrote up earlier in this thread. This update is a bit long winded as well… 1) I had talked about the “free wheeling behavior” that I was having on...
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    Bx2350 won't turn off

    I think you have a bad solenoid. The first time this happened to me, it was a blown fuse. I had the problem come back a few years later and the fuse was fine, but the solenoid itself had gone bad and I had to replace it. (A safety switch will act like turning the key off - cutting the fuel to...
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    How do you wire the bx2670 for extra led lights.. need help pls?

    Here is another drawing. In this case, I show a box that the wires can all come into, and the switches can be mounted through the box and hook up to the wires in the box. Since you mentioned you'd like to be able to pull it off, that is what I did. Ran the wires into a box, velcro the box to...
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    How do you wire the bx2670 for extra led lights.. need help pls?

    On my BX which is a little older, I only had one hot (red) at the back so had no choice. Here is a basic diagram: From what I understand, you now have a choice on your newer BX. Using the one connector (20rl), it will be the same as the diagram. Using the other, just ignore the tractor's...