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    Exploding tractor battery!

    Vented Batteries produce Hydrogen when being charged/overcharged. Internal spark is highly unlikely. Be very careful when connecting/disconnecting charger. Always unplug it from AC first. Charge in a ventilated area. You were lucky.
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    Please weigh in on a weighty issue.

    Great setup on the Bobcat. I have never seen one.
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    Dump trailer prices

    Blame Global Warming like everyone else. Check out JDJ Trailers in Waterdown Ontario Canada. They ship to US I believe.
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    Silo Gazebo - Smoke Problem

    Open the Manway in the roof to help air flow. Use seasoned wood. Double up on the refreshments.
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    Becareful What You Do....

    That is called "Barber Chair" in Forest Speak.
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    Well today I learned 5 things about post hole augers

    Keep lots of Shear Pins of the correct metallurgy in the Tractor tool box along with hammer and drift punch.
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    A few pics from today’s square baling

    I see that you have the Mexican Speed Wrench handy.
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    Kubota L4610 electrical problem (need help please)

    Both ends of the Negative (Ground) cable are equally important. REMOVE both ends and provide a bright metal to metal contact. Grease them if you wish After tightening. Visually inspect ALL wiring - lighting included. You may have a severe short circuit to kill the battery that quickly.
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    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    Those bars should have NEVER broken in that way. Wrong metallurgy, chineeeeesium parts. Replace them with locally obtained flat bar.
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    New New Holland

    I feel your pain. Check Battery Ground, both ends of cable.
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    Always Set Parking Brake!

    Life Lesson here.
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    bucket level indicator

    A strip of white paint or reflective tape at the optimum level is very helpful.
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    Dump Trailer Questions

    Getting a load of stone delivered is much cheaper than buying, licencing and maintaining another trailer. Dig up the potholes a bit so the new aggregate can knit in properly.
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    Bolt Size Help

    If you are talking about studs for the 2 empty holes, try removing the loose Stud and see if it fits. If it does take it to Kubota for a couple matches. There are internal and external thread gauges. If you are just plugging the holes, oil them and insert wine corks!
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    This is a stainless steel ____________.

    Perhaps you could form a shield to keep scum from quickly stealing your Cat.