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    Dry hay rain

    Leave it on the wagon or trailer under shelter. Monitor the temperature. if it gets too hot pull the wagon from the shed and call the fire department before handling the bales. If you were at the danger point, allowing fresh air to a hot spot could cause it to flame up. If it flames in a shed...
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    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    The blade height adjustment is to compensate for blade wear. As the blade is worn, one lowers the blade. Some LP's have multi holes in the blade holder to accomplish this. Others have slots the blade holder moves in, Others have both (Road boss)
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    Quick Attach pallet forks

    I have a bigger tractor. But, I use the forks more than the bucket. Actually, haven't had the bucket on in a month.
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    Outdoor Compressor Considerations

    Freezing ... Water in lines, tank, regulator, etc. Cold start if oiled.
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    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Just like the phone batteries. So far battery life hasn't been an issue because most people don't keep their phone past the last few generations. I have the original Iphone SE. It's 6 years old, and the battery was replaced a few years ago. It's starting to show lowered battery capacity again.
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    Too much oil

    The 3 point and loader cylinders take up fluid depending on their position. Also tractor being level affects the sight glass level. All could be a reason for overfilling. Biggest issue with over fill is aeration of the oil in either engine and transmission. Air doesn't lubricate well in a...
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    Pondering swapping out my AG for a TLB

    As always the anwer is "depends" I have 30 acres, with horses and a hayfield. I need two ag tractors for bush hogging, road maintenance, and hay making. I also have a full size backhoe (Deere 310c) Sometimes only the backhoe is capable of the job.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My back and arms can't do the heavy lifting anymore. This makes it easier. I try to split slabs off the main chunk with the log held up by the tong. Then, lower the FEL as the slabs come off. The tong is a great substitute for a grapple, actually better since I use it during the whole...
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    For horses, I installed high tensile wire 26 years ago. You will hear horror stories from many people about how a horse got hurt. I will tell you a horse is an animal that's suicidal. A horse can get hurt on any fence. wood, pipe, mesh, barbed wire, etc. My experience with high tensile has...
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    JD 5055 quick hitch

    I much prefer the cat 2 telescopic draft links. Tough, simple, and has always worked. ( as long as I remember to put the linch pins in.)
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    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    A bit about pet philosophy. It's all about training. Either "invisible fence" or my tracking collar is trained containment. I have a big dog. He's trained not to jump on people. Nor snarl at people. (Yet, many people think their 5 pound dog doing the same is cute... sigh...:mad: ) Leave the...
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    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    Another option ... Is a Fi collar. It's a gps based location collar. One can set a home distance from the base unit. When the collar leaves that area without a mated cell phone, you get a text msg. Of all the locator collars I've used, this is the best. Even texts a message when the collar...
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    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    Can you rent a no-till drill in your area? Good germination and cuts through stubble. I did a hay field in weed infested ground. Burned it with round-up, then drilled seed through the dead weeds. Was a good thing too, since the dead weeds & their roots held the soil and seed through a few...
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    Fast Internet

    While ATT fiber is faster than our Spectrum service, the key difference is reliable connection. The cable modem would lose connection and have to reboot several times per day. It was improved a bit after a lot of complaints to Spectrum. Tech came out and replaced several outside connections...
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    Fast Internet

    I had Time Warner business class service. They were good until Spectrum took over. Final straw was telephone modem went out and they didn't get a tech out to replace it for 3 days. For a business !!! T/W service guarantee was 4 hours. Switch to ATT fiber for less cost. Actually, much...