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    John Deere 455 diesel lawn tractor

    You bet. I will go to the dealer on my day off to pick up a manual and get back to you with that info.
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    3000 ford

    Two revaluations counter-clockwise past snug.
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    Are prices like this everywhere?

    Bottom line is what ever people are willing to pay is the going price. We (I use the term loosely) are getting exactly what we deserve. If humans weren't by nature greedy, selfish, jealous and general horse's hind end toward one another barter clubs could solve the whole thing and set market...
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    Are prices like this everywhere?

    That's typical in N.Texas. Judging by number of people engaged in leisure activities, most days look like Saturday. Many businesses have trouble finding help and are forced to pay premium to people who are willing to work. Due to shortage in workforce ,businesses can't handle what walks in so...
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    trailer modification

    Yea and stack concrete blocks on mower to balance weight. Better to have the tailwheel bash your truck bed in a turn than have some poor soul put it through their grill.
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    Hoarding is subjective depending on how tall of horse you view from,how large of hat worn while drawing opinions and how much you desire belittling the hoarder and how much you desire to impress other people with your opinions. After 40 years living the same place,I moved 3 years ago...
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    JD 3046r tractor won't start, nothing has power when turn key, occasional clicking of relay under dash

    Clean other ends of cables as well as surfaces they connect to.
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    trailer modification

    If I understood correct the trailer pulls ok with tractor and mower on it. Tail wheel hanging off is a non issue in my book and doesn't require extending trailer. Most states allow load to extend 4 feet past stop & tail lights before flagging. What are your concerns about tail wheel hanging...
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    LED Replacement headlights

    I've never felt there was need for lights any brighter than come in vehicles from the factory. Blinding other drivers with "hopped up" headlamps should carry a stiff fine.
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    The light can be bad some times.

    I was sitting in my car broke down and waiting for a tow in Detroit when 2 guys drove up behind and began jacking the rear of my car up. I jumped out and yelled "hey git away from here and leave this car alone". By then they were on both sides loosening lug nuts and one said "hey man this is...
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    I'm no authority on building loaders but imo starting with an old loader designed for a tractor close to same size would increase the chances of success and provide a much stronger loader. I've seen orphan loaders for less than $500 and I expect you'd spend another 3-$500 on material like...
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    MF 135 only lift if pushing on draft control rod

    The SN is usually on dash above your left knee or on right side below battery.
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    Roof to Wall Flashing Question

    Yep. Masonry chimneys is where I've seen that. If a cricket wasn't installed when house was built,there's often ongoing problems with leaks. Unless a large section of roof is peeled back to install a cricket,the solution looks odd at best. In this case op know's how to roof and used...
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    MF 135 only lift if pushing on draft control rod

    That dosn't look the same as I've seen so pulling top cover wouldn't help me until I was familiar with it. Have you moved the rod that gos to draft spring to see if it might tell you something about what and where to adjust? The lift set up I'm familiar with is on 3 speed + hi-lo transmission...
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    The light can be bad some times.

    I'll give you two to one a lawyahoo can use this to get charges dismissed. Parking in the road while you eat lunch is not intended to obstruct traffic,laying down,standing or parking in the road in protest is intended to obstruct traffic.