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    How to repair tire?

    That can't be plugged but can be repaired from inside and last the life of tire. Take it to a tire shop that sell's and repair's farm tires. What most people do with a split in farm tires that size is illeagal for hi-way use tires.
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    Definitive list of PTO driven equipment and 3 pt. attachments?

    After making this list can we name all landscape plants suitable for zone 7? BTW Calg it is neither. It's boom mounted. :rolleyes:
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    Goats ate the invasives

    Some large cattle ranches in Tx keep,rent or free graze goats to improve grass for their cows. Various breeds show this trait in varying amounts. In years of low rainfall,deer frequent hay meadows and recently mown pastureland to eat tender weed regrowth. Honeysuckle attract's more deer than...
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    Oxy regulator repair

    There's a lot of regulators being misrepersented through deceptive wording in discription. It easy to believe you are buying Victor or regulators and handles which Victor parts fit. The ONLY thing they have in common is that Victor tips fit the the handle. The people that sell them don't know...
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    Kawasaki Mule Air Cleaner Cleaning

    My Portor Cable Pancake build's 125psi which is more than adiquate to blow dirt out of dry filters. On extra large and dirty you might have stop to let it catch up.
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    failed locking pin on locking chain grab hook - am i doing it wrong?

    The hook is a sloppy fit and those pins wouldn't make me feel any more secure. OP's experience in having pins to become damaged with first use is evidence of poor desighn and subject to failure.
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    X-cord for welder

    That's right,and the rathe of lawyers could be on the owner/electrician because the sign prove's they knew the plug posed a risk.
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    Breaking up very hard dirt clods.

    There are clays,then there are clays that have little in common with other clays. I have lived and worked with black clay in N.Texas that will destroy your tractor and tiller before you turn clumps back to workable dirt,,,,,,,,,unless you go about it right. Assuming you are putting this in...
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    Bushing Size

    What always works for me is to remove worn bushing then measure bore and shaft of what it fit's. There's other ways but none are as reliable.
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    X-cord for welder

    I see where you are coming from. Another example of common sense and experience proving engineers and popular belief to be wrong is fasteners. Most machines (even electrical devices) have more bolts and screws than neccessary holding them togeather. A mechanic that learned by experience...
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    B7800 gets hot after about a hour.

    5' is too large in anything other than sparse weeds. Regardless of reason,you should address it before ruining the engine. Diesel will preform where gas can't but overheating will quickly destroy a diesel whereas a gasoline might be uneffected or only slightly damaged. I'm a proponent of...
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    X-cord for welder

    Reading what some people say about electricity is proof that a little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.
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    Using drawbar to support ballast on 2310?

    If you are talking about the fixed belly mount drawbar,just don't exceed rated tongue weight and you'll be fine. If you are refering to a drawbar mounted between lift arms,I wouldn't do it unless weight is supported by something other than hydraulics. You could mount ballast on lift arms then...
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    1736 Premium Cab - ac working intermittently

    PM me if you don't figure it out,I might be able to take a look if you want.
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    Slow leak in rear tire

    Most my tractor tires have had tubes but I've repaired and hired many tubless truck and trailer tires repaired. My experience has been that patches from inside are more reliable than plugs. Most tire shops refuse repair on sidewall but I've patched a couple dozen over the years without a...