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    Saved by a steering wheel

    Glad you weren't hurt. That's dangerous work So many injuries - some fatalities - here (SE OH) from moving downed trees that snap back; or cause a branch to fall. I try to do it only w/ my TROPS machine but sometimes you need to get a job done ...
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    We mow w/ an older Kubota F-3060 4WD/ AWD but they are ridiculously expensive now. Before that we used a 4WD Kubota w/ belly mower and a tractor w/ a finish mower on a 3-point. We tried 0-turns and commercial walk-behinds (w/ sulkies) - Scag, Bunton. They are OK sideways on hills re rollover...
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    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    Zero-turns are't good on rough ground/ hills - we have both. We tried a couple (friends' units) and went w/ an AWD front-mounted mower (Kubota). Also the zero-turns were tippier on our hills.
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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    I only engage 4WD when I need it (Kubota 5800; Kubota FS-30). I try to anticipate; I don't engage when a wheel is spinning.
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    What works against rodents

    Dryer sheets, peppermint oil, barn cat.
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    Help with trail hill constantly washing out

    I had two oil-company roads that washed like this. I made new pathways with better grade. I cut diversions across the bad roads, filled with stumps and organic matter; then good dirt; then seeded w/ fescue. IME roads that keep washing tell you to relocate them.
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    Need to wage war on mice / rats

    1. I use traditional traps inside large cans or tucked in corners of shelves. This keeps them away from cats, skunks, opossums, ..... 2. I have some 5-gallon pails: holes drilled at 180-degrees ~1" from the top; metal rod/ all-thread through the holes; pill bottle w/ holes in the center that...
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    Help me decide on R1 vs R4 tires for my first tractor

    I have R-4s on a JD TLB. I had R-4s on a JD-4310 4WD; I chose R-1s for the Kubota 5800 4WD that replaced it. We're in SE Ohio. A bit hilly. The R-4s would sometimes slide on hills on mowed grass that was covered with dust - sometimes drifting sideways to the hill (even in 4WD). The R-1s...
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    Desperately need to fix driveway

    We have a rear blade, box blade, and York rake. I've only used the York for 10+ years. ~1/3-mile stone driveway
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    Why am I destroying tail wheel forks?????

    Same problem here w/ 5-year-old Land Pride medium-duty 6' I'm on my 2nd one and the fork needs replacing again. I think 1. Cheaper materials - thinner and lower-grade steel 2. When I back into multiflora or other brush, I'm hitting obstructions I don't see/ feel. The tailwheel fork on my...
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    Repair holes in metal roof?

    I'm putting used metal on a new storage barn. There are (of course) holes in the used metal. Some too big (nail-head sized) for silicone (my usual method). I thought of using regular tar but saw here a thread on using Henry's and Elastomatic. Anyone have any experience w/ these or similar...
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    JD 5055E vs Kubota MX 5100

    Looking at 45-55 HP tractors and down to the JD 5055 E vs Kub 5100. 4WD w/ FEL and extra remotes ~ $26,500 (or ~ $11,500 + my JD 4310). I don't care for the NHs in that range; I haven't looked at Mahindra etc. The Kub MXs seem to have balance problems - you have to load the rear tires to carry...
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    Bush Hog Javelina II - what is it?

    A friend has a small tractor with a label on the hood (and the manual) "Bush Hog Javelina II". It's about the size of a riding lawn mower, has numerous attachments and a 3-point hitch. Anyone heard of this unit? Know anything about it? So may my searching has turned up lots of info about...
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    Allis Chalmers 6140 4WD?

    Understand that it has Toyosha engine but the tractor was made by Hinomoto. Parts sem to be available for now from agco. Anyone have any experience with them? I seem them rated 40 HP and 33 HP w/ no ref to drawbar/ PTO/ engine so I don't even know working HP.
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    Deutz Tractors?

    I sometimes see 19670s-80s Deutz tractors for sale (Ohio) at decent prices. Often 4WD, 50-70 HP, air-cooled. This would be a handy utility tractor for me but there doesn't seem to be a strong dealer network around (I think they're part of Agco now). Anyone have good/ bad experience with...