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    Welded vs bolted scraper edge-3pt blower

    My 25 year old AgroTrend blower has a welded edge, my gravel driveway is 800'+ and I live in the snowbelt. The edge is fine, no wear to speak of. I wouldn't worry about welded or bolted, the edge will outlast you, as will a quality snow blower.
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    Car lift in garage

    I can park a full sized car under my 4 post lift, and keep a full sized car on the lift. Effectively giving me an extra garage bay without any increased taxes or build costs.
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    Car lift in garage

    I have a Bendpak 4 post lift, very happy with it. I did the install by myself 6+ years ago.
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    New Build Plumbing Costs

    That sounds reasonable to me, it wouldn't hurt to get another quote.
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    Car lift in garage

    Pour both bays 6", you will not regret spending a few hundred extra.
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    About a year ago I painted the badly rusted runways on my 4 post lift with Rustoleum bed liner paint, 3 coats, it looks like new. I had leftover paint so I painted my 25 year old snow blower, a year later it looks like I painted it yesterday. You can get it tinted in many different colors...
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    Tractor worked on by dealer today & won't turn off!!!

    The fuel filter bowl has a shutoff valve built in. If the key doesn't kill the engine, you can pull the stop engine know just below the key. If that doesn't work, shut off the fuel at the filter.
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    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    I'm lucky to do half that with a 72" brush hog.
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    Thousands of hours on tractors, lots of back dragging, never an issue, other than taking too big a bite and losing traction.
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    Recent Kubota RTV 1100C deals?

    I'm looking to finally pull the trigger on an RTV 1100C and am wondering what any recent buyers have paid. Here it looks like MSRP and a 2 week to 2 month wait. This is a cash deal, that saves me another $500.
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    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    How about a middle buster, that gets you through the sod and more than halfway to your 10" goal.
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    L3710 front axle seal replacement

    I've replaced the front axle seals in my L3710, I did not pull the ring gear. I did need to upgrade my snap ring pliers. You'll need internal and external snap ring pliers. Should take less than an hour per side.
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    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    Time to change the air filter?
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    Location of septic leach field

    Check with your building inspector and/or department of health. In my town the septic tank must be 20' from the house and the leach field normally is 10 feet from the leach field distribution box. So, a minimum of 30' from the house to the leach field. We also have property line setbacks, the...
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    Need Buying Advice!

    If I were you, I'd be looking at an electric zero turn. The neighbors will appreciate the low noise. You'll appreciate the low maintenance. I'm trimming and edging with battery power and would switch to an electric ztr in a heart beat if I was mowing less than an acre. I see a few available...