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    Adding front bucket extension for more capacity?

    some pics of the bucket would help. did you just want to extend the floor of your bucket, or add sidewalls as well? Will the extension be removable?
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    Bolt Size Help

    It just occurred to me that the next time I run into identifying an over-sprayed mystery thread, I'll put a little Zip Strip in it the night before. (paint remover gel)
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    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Unlike the pool-table-flat rest of Indiana, my part is hills, hollers, sinkholes and caves. My WWII vet neighbor (RIP) said our part was originally settled by families who came up from N. Carolina. I asked him why they stopped here when they coulda gone 30 miles further to the flat, fertile...
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    Our county sells special orange bags at the grocery stores that you can drop off at the county recycling centers. Some also buy cheap black bags at the hardware store that you can apparently throw out along any county road.
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    Huge oak fell!

    And its corollary, "If you make a decision and your wife is not there, are you still wrong?"
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    Huge oak fell!

    Reminds me of an OT story about a farm I bought, including an ancient farm house with an ancient walnut tree in the front yard. That tree apparently never had competition for sunlight so it spread horizontally, with several horizontal limbs about 10 feet off the ground. It also had a crude...
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    OP here. Thanks, all. Some of these comments have been helpful for my own situation. Yeah, I should fix the dammed driveway, but potholes are only part of the problem, as you can see. And good to know that you can't assume drivers will cooperate. Amazon once had a convenient hub here but...
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    I'd like to minimize delivery trucks on my 5/8 mile, soft-when-wet lane. Thinking about mounting a job box or similar down by the road and train the drivers to lock packages in it instead of racing up to the house as fast as the potholes will allow them to drive. Seems like they would...
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    Becareful What You Do....

    On a related note, that's the first Big Tool Rack I've seen out in the wild.
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    Tractor Shortages

    Also, OPEC and Russia collaborated LAST YEAR to reduce oil supplies. Others delight in blaming this administration for higher gas prices...
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    Mayo on corn on the cob

    My best corn-on-the-cob lube is using a cold stick of butter like a crayon, if the corn is still hot. A nice, uniform, thin coating of flavor without being greasy. Salt and pepper stick to it too.
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    Tractor Shortages

    While I think that the propaganda/industrial complex has become toxic for our country, I'm not seeing it on this thread yet. I do see a healthy skepticism about current industrial "wisdom" here. We have international consulting outfits that come up with these concepts, anywhere from inventory...
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    Silo Gazebo - Smoke Problem

    OP's pic is not clear but that roof hole may be mostly capped, leaving just a perimeter vent around the hole. I think Elvis had left the building by the time I asked about it.
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    Silo Gazebo - Smoke Problem

    Is that 2' hole in the top just a hole to the sky or is it capped a few inches above the main roof, leaving a circumferential vent?
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    Possible metal source in small quantities

    Good comments here. What seemed unique about Alro Outlets is that it looks like you can walk in and find the best size/shape visually. A lot of design is by eye- a 3x3x1/4 sq tube looks a lot sturdier in person than it does on a catalog page! GeneV, I wasn't aware of Metals Supermarkets...