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    T-Post Puller for Front End Loader

    Maybe a pic with a Tpost gripped in it?
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    Backup camera with its own access point

    Hope you report back. I need something for backing up a UTV. How does the GoPro connect to your phone?
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    New Tree Shear slow closing.

    Your math is either correct or we're both wrong.
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    How hot is too hot?

    Every time I blow out my radiator fins from the engine side, I resolve to make a nozzle with a 90 degree tip in order to get a better angle on the fins. 30 years now, and counting...
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    Tire puncturing form orange osage trees

    Without looking it up, I think my R4s have an 8 ply rating. No comparison to a lawn tractor tire. I did manage an ugly puncture once-- a deer antler. Tires are less likely to be punctured when the ground is dry.
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    How do you store you logging/tow chain?

    Start with the paper clip icon at the bottom of your post. TBN made it much more intuitive recently than it used to be. Back then, it was trial and error each time for me.
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    BIY tooth bar - CRS/Mild Steel ok? abbrasive resistant metal a must?

    You can have 1018 case hardened. It's just a thin, hard case but it might be an economical compromise. Or, since you're designing your own teeth, you could make their profile with a depression that supports a small, properly hardened insert, or a replaceable soft insert.
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    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    S & H Green Stamps factoid: The family behind S&H funded Yale's rare book library. The panels are translucent onyx to reduce damaging light. The family wanted to use green onyx but architects discovered there wasn't enough green onyx in the world for the job.
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    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Every time I asked my parents to let me buy that junk in the back of magazines, they said the reason it's mail order is because if you could actually see it first, then you wouldn't buy it. Finally my buddy and I scraped up $3 for a western style revolver "that fires real bullets". We were...
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    Cost of being a good citizen?

    Don't change out of your scrubs. Smear some ketchup on them. Tell'em you gotta get back....
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    I need a pocket screwdriver!

    Make sure it has a hefty hinge pin. (Or baby it)
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    Steel Cutting Chop Saw

    If you anticipating TRIMMING short pieces, pay attention to the vise. The kind with a swiveling moving jaw won't safely clamp on a piece not long enough to extend to the left of its pivot. One work-around is to add a block to the left side of the pivot, the same thickness as your workpiece...
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    What size and thickness plastic pipe for 4x4 post?

    Diagonal of a 3.5x3.5 square is slightly under 5 inches. Standard plastic pipe charts with ID, OD, wall thickness, and schedule are common online. Personally, I'd just grab a tape measure or a 4x4 stub and go to a plumbing supplier.
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    What are you OCD about?

    Plumb- Fence posts, antennae, clothesline poles, bird feeders, ... Worst offenders of all: grave markers.
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    I jumped the gun... now what?

    Not to mention the entertainment value of getting your property ready (and at your own pace) before being slammed with building a house.