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    Dealer no longer

    Tough to be loyal when dealers seem to randomly come and go. With my cars I buy where I can get best price and get serviced locally under warranty. Do my own work post warranty.
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    New Owner of a Kioti LB2204

    Very nicely done you should be happy and very proud of yourself!! Time to do the “I fixed it dance”. Invaluable experience for sure. I added LED lights to my ROPS, way better than bulbs!!! Super bright and little power draw.
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    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    For my nimco the sizes were a bit odd and took me a while to find the right size and compound and durometer.
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    2002 DK50c Shudder?

    Right guess is the three point bouncing I hear about not sure which machines though?
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    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    Backhoe Control Valve
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    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    Search for the word Nimco and you’ll find the post
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    2375 backhoe Leaky Control Valves

    I’ve replaced every seal in my spool valves more than once in my backhoe. Search and you’ll find threads on the topic. Don’t use factory replacements. I’m sure there’s a Manual as I have for mine.
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    Bad connection on negative cable to frame will do same thing. Put voltmeter on, turn key, voltage dropped to nothing. In my case negative battery cable. The cable in the end corroded from inside out. Search posts and you’ll see this as a common theme particularly with age of your machine.
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    Remove the ground cable from frame. Use sand paper and clean up the frame and cable to be sure you have clean connection between frame and cable. I’ve had that problem numerous times. Finally replaced cable. Your machine is that age.
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    The Little Tractor that could, CK2510

    Nicely done. I can’t dig two feet without hitting 10 of those. That is some awesome looking soil!!
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    Tires do not spin

    Odd it will stall with brakes and not under load with no tire spin. Rims spinning in tire sounds like it would explain it. Any other reason why brakes would stall machine and load would not. Wouldn’t relief valve kick in regardless to avoid stall?
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    Kioti CK3510SE HST - How The Hell Do I Engage the Locking Diff?

    Good luck with the machine. 30 seconds sounds like fuel delivery to me. Right to make dealer’s problem not yours
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    Oversized cylinders on my ck2510

    With regards to flow and pressure, pressure can also be limited by motor, in other words if lucky, motor stalls prior to failure. In this case with big hydraulic cyls 2500 psi is plenty of pressure to destroy the tractor. And if you didn’t increase relief valve you’ll not exceed 2500 psi...
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    Buying Advice Kioti LK3054

    My LK3054XS is frame mount and I really like the design and super strong And tight to the machine. Level ground helpful as stated I crib mine when off the machine. Joel
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    Oversized cylinders on my ck2510

    I’d be super concerned about front axle, bearings, cv joints, etc. big money once broken. Not to be a Debbie downer but fork lifts have their place as you know and SCUTS have their place.