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    Unsecured hay hauling

    ^^^^ I believe that your post concurs with the opinions of the OP.
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    Thinking about a new saw

    I'm not brand loyal either,As mentioned before I own 3 Echos. which saved me several hundred dollars in purchase price. Yet the 562 Husky turning up at 14000 rpms will outcut the 590 Echo at +-12500. If you're cutting/limbing all day those extra RPMs make a difference in production.
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    Firefighters forced to wait for 100K ammo rounds to explode

    Getting ready for Halloween. 🧛‍♂️
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    Truck bed extender legality

    Nice job, and good thread. I need to do something for hauling my snowsled this winter, which extends 3 feet beyond the tailgate. The last time that I had it on some clown tried to see how close he could get to it at the gas pumps, and was only 12" away from the back. I'm thinking about having...
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    This reply would go equally well in any of the other "towing" discussions in the Trailering and Transportation forums. As I mentioned down there many people on the road really have no clue abut proper safety procedures... while others don't seem to care. I almost rear ended a contractor earlier...
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    Now you’re talking sense! 👍
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    Pete 335

    Keep looking? As you said lengthening it can be done but... Among other things just as soon as you bought this one, a deal on the right truck would appear immediately.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I’m not going to do a “like” for this one, but your point is well made. 👍
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    Good point, two wrongs make a right. Perhaps they should do away with drunk driving laws also. In truth you can and should be summonsed for any insecure load. I know of a motorist who found that out after the bungee cords holding his canoe on the roof failed, and it went careening down the road.
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    That was a different situation... rather than the OP’s concern about hay falling off a truck the bale which killed Edwards rolled out of a field into the roadway.
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    Some of that comes down from Biblical times, when Moses and Aaron told the Israelites to eat no animal which doesn’t chew the cud and have a cloven hoof. That actually made sense, as it ensured animals which were vegetarian and less apt to spread contagious disease. (CWD must not have been...
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    Florida Morgan ??? - on the TBN Facebook page

    :eek: Please don’t even go there. Lola, la la la la Lola! :D
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    Florida Morgan ??? - on the TBN Facebook page

    She gets around. I’m quite sure that’s the same woman who was writing me when I tried a famous dating website... back in 2004. She lived in a different town every week.
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    Thinking about a new saw

    I have a 490 and a 590 Echo. They are good for what little I use them but if I ran saws more I would go back to a Husky. They turn up faster, weight to power ratio is better, and IMHO are all around better saws for somebody who runs them a lot. They also cost about 50% more... I wouldn’t be...