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    International 986 Sputtering and Dying

    Replaced both fuel filters but the issue persisted. Tractor would run for a minute or two then starve for fuel and die. Did as Roadworthy suggested and disconnected the fuel line going into the primary filter housing and fuel was barley dripping out. Put my air hose on it, removed the fuel tank...
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    International 986 Sputtering and Dying

    I installed those on May 9, 2020 and only put 8 hours on the tractor since then. Same filters are still on the tractor.
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    International 986 Sputtering and Dying

    I inherited my grandfather's 1981 International 986 and it has been a great tractor, but last Fall I was pulling a plow behind it getting ready to plant some ryegrass and the tractor started sputtering with RPMs going up and down for about 20 seconds and then it died. I was able to crank it back...
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    New Holland TC30 Hydrostatic Transmission Making Noiise

    I was pulling a trailer behind my New Holland TC30 this morning, very heavy load going thru mud, tractor was having a heck of a time with it and I pushed it too hard. Transmission started making noise and I could smell a hot/burning smell, unhooked the trailer but tractor is now making a...