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    New tractor owner

    There's no heater but you pick up engine/transmission heat and there's no wind. You can't work in a T shirt but when it's zero F outside, it's around freezing in the cab. Also, it's not a tight seal, so there is some air circulation. On warmer, high humidity days I see a little condensation, but...
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    New tractor owner

    I've had an OTC soft cab for almost 10 years. Not any real need for defrost or wiper. With the optional glass windshield you can add a wiper but I didn't. I do have the glass and it is the way to go.
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    New tractor owner

    The OTC soft cab is a great buy for winter use. Depending on the amount of snow removal, look into a front blade (snow plow) or a snow blower. Using the loader and/or back blade gets old real quick.
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    I don't understand something.

    I put about 100 hours a year on my tractor. I've considered picking up a zero turn mower. That would probably drop the tractor usage to about 30 hours a year, but I'd still want the tractor. I can't imagine being without it.
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    With good surface prep, spray or brush application is equally good. Brush is actually easier on some equipment because of the shape. Rustoleum is very good, readily available paint. Just remember it doesn't have a hardener, so, for best results, paint is when you won't have rough handling for a...
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    Newbie to haying

    I can't remember which US company came out with the small round balers about 50 years ago, but there was one purchased in our area. We hired the guy to do our hay one year. The bales were such a pain to handle and store that we went right back to square bales.
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    Newbie to haying

    Point one - You don't need a conditioner. Years ago, we cut clover and alfalfa with a sickle mower and just let it dry on the ground. You just need to plan ahead and find 3 or 4 days with no rain. Point two - As pointed out, doing your own baling with 8 acres doesn't make much sense. When I...
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    The new football helmets must be computeruzed

    Check the prices on quality (Bell or Shoei) motorcycle helmets.
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    Painting YM-146 Clearcoat or no clearcoat any advice

    There have been cases of clear coat failure due to improper application. Clear coat is supposed to be applied shortly after the color coat so it fully bonds with it. When done correctly it is rock hard and almost indestructible. If the intent is to clear coat an existing, fully cured finish...
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    Help with roundup mixing.

    How soon do you expect it to work? I mix mine only slightly stronger than recommended and get good results, but it takes a few weeks. I apply when it won't rain for a couple of days, but after that the rain doesn't seem to matter.
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    I hope that's to the bottom of the deck and not the blades. If that is the blade height and your grass isn't a creeper, you're scalping the lawn.
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    New Oregon Gator Blades

    The leading (cutting) edge is a normal blade and can be sharpened like any other. The mulching fins (the trailing edge) don't get sharpened. These have a lot of uplift. If you have sandy soil, the mulching edge can get eroded fairly quickly. I've been using them for years. I like them for the...
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    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    Taking off the deflector will help some. I do that but only when I know no one will be within 100 feet of the mower discharge. Mulching Gator blades help a bit. I do all this and still get some build up in the spring. By mid summer I have mulched things enough the rows and piles have gone away...
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    Who Makes a Trouble-Free 60" Diesel Zero-Turn?

    If you are expecting to buy anything and find cheap OEM parts, good luck. That's just not the world we live in today. I think any diesel ZT will be pretty reliable and efficient and will have some small potential to be a lemon. Sorry to hear you have trouble with your 430, but if the information...
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    front anti-scalp roller

    I've never had a RFM, but I thought they always had all the weight on the four wheels, i.e. run with the three point all the way down. I would assume the anti scalp rollers only come into play when a wheel drops into a hole or hits an extremely unlevel area where the blades would hit the ground...