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    Cool Nature Photos

    Are you in the sailboat ? WOW ! Kevin . 1
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    Nice to hear positive comments ! Not much of that anymore . Kevin .
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    backhoe trenching operations

    If it is subframe mounted , you are fine .Kevin.
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    Dewalt Grease Gun - How to know tube is empty?

    Grease and oil starts a war here !
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    Using Mini-Ex in the rain

    Get some rock there before you start ? Kevin .
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    JD2305 IAN flood

    Good .
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    My father has fallen and can't get up

    Nice work ,Kevin .
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    How to repair steel culvert? Use concrete?

    Having a bad day ? Kevin .
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    Soft snow plow edges for asphalt

    Snow and ice are tough to judge . Alot of variables .
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    Roy Jackson has died.

    Straight up man . Will miss him . Kevin .
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    Can Kioti Backhoe Joystick Controls Be Changed?

    Somebody screwed up on the assembly line . Typical these days .
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    The last Barn. (maybe)

    Good to hear from you Cat .
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    RK37 Part #'s and approved/recommended fluids or self service tips

    No Thanks . These dummys design it , but do not service it . Kevin .
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    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    Who exactly are you ? The site smartass? Kevin .