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    Powerstar (75) 3rd function coupler compatibility

    Technically, these hydraulic connectors are per ISO 16028 standard. Use "ISO 16028" as your search term, you'll find most everything you need.
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    Case DX55 Maintenance

    Case IH is very good with technical literature. Maintenance should be documented in the Operator Manual. Go to Case IH Document Management Center
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    75C 3rd Function Coupler Compatiblity

    ISO 16028 (skid steer) ? I believe there are 6 different body sizes: 1/4" up to 1" (nominal). Also each body size is available in several different thread sizes, so it's important to know the termination on the hose.
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    Anyone use Sinopec hydraulic oil?

    I have been using Sinopec L-HM 46 in a log splitter for the last year. No issues down to 36 degrees. I am gaining confidence... Note that Sinopec packages in 18 liter (4.75 gallon) buckets. For our more expensive hydraulic equipment, we use Miles Lubricants (Primex). It's all about the additives.
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    3-Point Hitch Massey Ferguson 135 Position Control Not Working

    I used AGCO publication 1448813M1. It is available at: MF-135 and MF-150 Tractor Service Manual. I did not have access to the MFN tools. Instead, I used the figures in the manual to help me determine each tool's function(s) and fabricated ersatz tools/gauges. My recollection is that, as the...
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    90C farmall/ case code

    The CNH Tier 3 and Tier 4a Fault Code for DTC 3999 (and also 3000): "Unknown ECM Error Code Received (Retrieve DTC via EASy tool)". Not much help, but better than none ( I hope). Good luck.
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    Farmall 70a

    I broke down and purchased a Farmall A Service Manual. Below is information for DTC 455-03 (CASE IH 3808). Too bad I couldn't help sooner - better late than never. Be really careful with the high pressure fuel system, the pressure is extremely high. Wear eye protection and never put your skin...
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    Farmall A Series CCV Problems

    Farmall 50A, 60A, 70A Has anyone had any cold weather issues with the CCV breather on the FTP engine? At what ambient temperature does the CCV begin to clog? I know that CNHI has a CCV heater kit for this engine. I'm trying to understand if/when this accessory is needed?
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    MF 135 with independent PTO Grinding while disengaging?

    The piston brake (caliper) should be attached with two 5/16" NC hex bolts. There are variations on the IPTO Clutch and Valve assemblies with tractor S/N 46767 and up being the cut-off. Make sure you order parts accordingly. With the hydraulic top cover on the bench, you should be able to...
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    Workmaster/Farmall A Implement Lamp Retrofit

    Here's a link to a DIY article for adding an implement lamp to CNH Workmaster or Farmall A series tractors: Implement lamp retrofit Cost is far below the DIA (Dealer Installed Accessory) option.
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    CASE IH Farmall & Magnum 250 Diesel Fuel Specification

    CASE IH always directs customers to take issues/concerns to their dealer, so I emailed our dealer and requested that they contact CNHI and inquire as to how the Farmall 70A should be fueled. I asked for the CNHI written response. Issue: The diesel fuel specification stated in the Farmall 70A...
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    CNHI Ultraction fluid compatibility with Nexplore

    The question of Ultraction fluid compatibility with Nexplore arose when I had to top-off the transmission fluid in a 2017 Farmall. I called several dealers and received conflicting information so I contacted Viscosity Oil Company who supplies both fluids to CNHI. Viscosity Oil Company has a...
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    Oil & Fuel Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

    I wrote an article about fuel considerations for high-pressure common rail direct injection diesel engines on LinkedIn. It was written around our 2017 Case IH Farmall, but generally applies to most modern diesel engines. Owners need to be knowledgeable about fuel for these engines: carelessness...
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    Case IH Farmall A Series tractor de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed

    I started a thread in the New Holland forum that details information I was able to learn about this problem: Tractor de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed. In the thread I use the specific issue name and terminology used by CNHI. The Case IH Farmall A series is nearly identical to...
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    Workmaster/CASE IH Farmall A de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed

    When running a Workmaster/CASE IH Farmall A series tractor (FPT 2.2L diesel engine), the tractor suddenly de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed. CASE IH published a Knowledge Article in Jun-2018 titled "Tractor de-rates to 1500 rpm with no fault codes displayed". This Knowledge...