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    Flail Mower Recommendations

    Hello and good afternoon scootr, I want to welcome you as the newest resident member of the "Flail Mower Nations" from the Golden State. The scraper bar is ment to keep the roller clean of any wet grass or mud. You can keep it tight by investing in 2 fine thread bolts and fine thread...
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    Hello Smokeydog, The folks at flailmaster had those 3 inch side slicer knives with the loop hanger holes.
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    I tried to get Flail Master to make the tapered side slicer knives and dethatching knives but they were not the least bit interested in doing it. even after I sent them the all the knife dimensions and thicknesses. They would have sold a lot more side slicer knives if they had started...
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    The 48 inch Lawn Genie Pick Up Mower has 116 side slicer knives and 64 thatching blades. While the flail mower rotor is spinning up or slowing to a stop the knives will hi teach other but as they are in a staggered mounting configuration they do not become damaged. Flail mowers are abused in...
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    Are you referring to cutting the lower links on your kubota B26???? Are your rear tires loaded with liquid ballast?? Having the rear tires loaded with liquid ballast will help you a great deal. Can you scoop up a load of sand and carry it with you while you mow??? Can you live without...
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    Is the lane asphalt, grass and exposed gravel or all gravel? If there is asphalt or a wide bed of exposed gravel the Lawn Genie will not be able to create the pressure gradient/ suction needed to lift the leaves into the pickup basket. If its grass and rutted gravel the air paddles and side...
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    Rear Finish Mower Mathews Flail Mower

    Good Morning Smokeydog, I want to welcome you as the newest resident member of the "Flail Mower Nations" from the great state of Tennessee. I own my fathers 48" cut Lawn Genie Pick Up Mower now, previous to this one I owned my fathers 36-inch cut Lawn Genie Pick up Mower before this one...
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    Sourcing a 2" hose

    I thought you needed hose that was that durable and collapse resistant but if the other hose works great. I take it you are sucking out bilge/waste tanks???
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    Ventrac 4500Y w/ MS720 Mower Deck Roll or Slide

    You may want to consider mounting a set of tracks on the front and rear sized for your wheel hubs and fender clearances. The one pictured below are the AGRIZETA CGH310K lower profile tractor tracks. Anything from Mattracks will probably cost 3 times as much The North American dealer for...
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    Sourcing a 2" hose

    The only other thing that would be anywhere near what you want is single wire reinforced 2-inch hydraulic suction line hose 54595K42 $12.05 per foot plus shipping and tax or McMaster-Carr 2-inch discharge water hose 45845K3 $6.95 per foot plus fittings
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    Sourcing a 2" hose

    Mcmaster-Carr; Page 151 of thier current catalog; clear PVC hose reinforced clear tubing #52375K21 2" flexible hose maximum pressure 75PSIG @ 72 degrees Fahrenheit $8.91 per foot plus tax and shipping from thier warehouse in N.J.
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    Flail mower attachment

    I would not do it unless you have more weight added to the rear or rent a machine with counterweights attached like a new holland, JCB or newer case skid steer. You have all that weight extended over the machine's actual length and it will cause a tip over or worse because that total weight and...
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    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Hello and good morning ColdRider, I want to welcome you as the newest resident member of the "Flail Mower Nations" from The Great State of MAINE. Heavy brush mowing/shredding will bog down a flail mower and or burn up the V belts unless you operate at a crawl or have massive horsepower...
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    Is 25hp enough?

    You should hold on to the L2650 as the new mules have the pollution control crap that you do not want or need. You should also keep the flail mower as belly mowers are a real pain to own and work on. Renting instead of buying and owning a backhoe when needed will save you money and the small...
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    Flail Size for a Kubota MX5000?

    For your mule you should choose the Hiniker model 5700 6-foot flail shredder for your use. If the tow bar is adjustable to the far left or right the Hiniker flail crop shredder will fill your needs. It has a CV PTO SHAFT which allows for tight turns, manually adjustable mower height as...