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    Beet Juice Tire Ballast

    I looked up the spec sheet on bio-ballast. It is interesting. Unless I missed it, there was no specific mention of the actual weight per gallon. I am not sure, but it seems to be mixed with water something like 70-30. But it is interesting. And grsthegreat is correct, it does not take a day...
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    New to the board

    Welcome to TBN.
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    Beet Juice Tire Ballast

    RUKO - did you check - do you have a Rimguard dealer close to you. I was considering Rimguars also, closest dealer was about 4 hrs away. Maybe they are closer there.
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    Squirrels Took Out Our Internet

    They were a great radio - expensive. That would be a place I would not want to find a mouse at work. Wonder if Collins still makes amateur radios or when they stopped. And their linear amps.
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    Sometimes you get lucky

    Looks very nice. Bet you are all smiles.
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    If you did something like that (booby trap), the thief would not have to retaliate. After the court settlement, he would own your house, car, boat, land. I would never place that risk and opportunity out there for anyone. Protect the property. That is really the issue.
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    Septic issue

    Before I say this, I will say - always check your local codes. Where I am located, is all bedrock. That means clay in on top of it. And most clay will not perk. Are you using laterals? Are they still in good condition? Or are they all silted in. The lateral field should be flat. If not...
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    Noob Here...Seeking a Tractor Education

    Yep, more information. What do you want to do with your tractor? I would first consider your needs, that will determine features you need on a tractor. - Weight, Implements, HP, etc. Only then would I consider what brands. Welcome to TBN
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    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    Secondhand Lions and Finding Forrester.
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    Welding a hydraulic anchor point

    I would want a weld shop to look at it and do that job. Tractors cost too much to attempt saving money on that type of job.
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    Do i hay or crops

    Welcome to TBN
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    Enough to make a grown man cry.

    Enough to "make a grown man cry" Ahh - good , reminds me of the Rolling Stones "Start me up" song.
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    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    No, not new here. I think most of contract carriers came from the old HCR Box carrier routes. And some rural routes still use them. Our contract carriers are pretty good. But sometimes they will come up the hill and sometimes not. It is just not dependable. Sometimes we have to go to the PO...
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    45-50hp Help

    I think I would see what dealers are interested in talking with you about the tractor you want. The first dealer I spoke with was not interested in selling a 50 hp tractor when I attempted to visit them. A good dealer may be worth the 45 minute drive. Also, just for information - look at the...