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    New to me JD 430, 60” deck…

    Very nice. The deck height adjustment is the rockshaft stop screw in the rear.
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    What Is Wrong With People Who Don't Trim Their Zipties?

    Every zip tie I install gets cut off. Even if it’s in an impossible place. Just the thought of one uncut bothers me.
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    Are you "brand" person when it comes to your tractor?

    I’m quite loyal to Deere myself, and it’s all I’ve ever owned. That being said, I’m in the market for another tractor and I’m considering all the options. When I find a nice used machine that meets my criteria, I’ll buy it, regardless of whether or not it’s a Deere.
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    What did you do at work today?

    What kind of sawmill did you get? Ours just arrived a couple days ago but we haven’t set it up yet. Woodland mills HM-126 14hp.
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    Groan part quatre

    It feels like everything around here is like that.
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    It's now open YanDeere season

    That looks suspiciously like my “John Deere” 650
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    Pumping sewer into a septic tank. Bad idea?

    Our house has 2 bathrooms that are too far from the septic tank for drainage. We have installed 2 grinder pumps, and haven’t had any issues. They both fill up to about 50 gallons and then pump (all at once) into the 1000 gallon septic tank. They’ve been in operation for about 7 years now.
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    JD 650 Hood

    I wish I had a loader for mine. They are great little tractors though. Perfect size for most things.
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    JD 650 Hood

    I know I’m late seeing this but sorry for your loss. I also have a 650 and your story makes me sad… glad you’re enjoying the new tractor though! Let me know if I can help with dimensions. Luke