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    Time for a Zero Turn

    On the ZD 331 I installed rear cast iron suitcase weights. Helps with traction
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    Wider wheels/radials for M7040/M7060 Kubota now easier. FYI

    Are the wider from tires the same diameter as the original tires?
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    Tree planting auger size?

    Our tree plantings use the protection tubes to save the seedlings from deers. They stay on for the first few years until the trees are 6 ft or so to give them the best chance for survival. We have about 90 percent survival rate on our plantings. The evergreens seedlings don't use tree shelters...
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    Tree planting auger size?

    We just planted 700 seedlings with a tree spade
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    Hyd quick disconnect

    There is a tool that will do it although I don't have the link. Someone will likely tell us. Had same issue today and resolved it by loosening a fitting
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    Tractor assisted tree felling.

    I have rented a manlift a few times to take down branches and remove tall trees by topping them. I rented the big type of 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer type of lift and they are easy to operate and very safe. I bunched a lot of the tree trimming/removal together and rented for a weekend like...
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    can't post photos?

    Testing pic attachment
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    sample picture

    Just trying out filing picture of the minix
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    RTV - X1100C

    Just installed the radio shown in post 132. Works like a charm
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    Tractor ran fine, restarted normally, then died & won't start

    I would check starter with a cable from a battery and if ok then look for why it is not getting current when turning the key. Isolate the lock out switches one at the time until you find the faulty one
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    RTV - X1100C

    I found the plow shoes not to be worth the money. They dig in on softer grounds and are not needed on pavement
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    RTV - X1100C

    when hauling firewood or loading in brush and sticks
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    RTV - X1100C

    I have the RTV x1100c 2020 with MS tires and lights front and rear. Installed the Boss V Plow myself for a deal at the time at 2800. Works great and have not needed chains so far with snowfalls up to 1 ft or so. The protective screen is prone to catch stuff between the load bed and the screen...
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    Bucket/ thumb wood splitter

    That would work on my Kubota KX33 excavator
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    That is good that the F's are good around trees. My plantings are in rows of trees with spacing between rows of 8 to 10 ft and trees spaced about 6 to 8 ft apart. Mow around 6000 of those trees a few times a year to keep the weeds down. The ZD is quick reacting to get into spaces between trees...