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    Oil filter wrench

    I remember years ago, 1978 or 1979, when we got a brand new Dodge truck at work and when it was time to change the oil filter on the 318 cu engine, I used a regular filter wrench on it which simply collapsed the filer. Then I tried to drive a screw drive through it to spin it off. That just...
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    New thread for Booger.

    Just a post to prove to Booger over at TNT that I am not banned here in TBN and I never have been.
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    Since it's Halloween...

    I came across this article about where the phrase "Trick or Treat" started... Who knew? The origins of ‘Trick or Treat’: Lethbridge home to a piece of Halloween history |
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    How to get rid of the mole - How to get rid of the mole
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    Young pup's close call.

    Yesterday I visited some friends on their acreage and learned that their young Bernese pup (less than 5 months old) had become sick from a bad case of Parvo last week. They found him laying on the grass outside and not moving so they rushed him into the vet clinic at the University Of...
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    I thought this was great! Arnold is 71 and the coward barely moved him...he just totally humiliated himself on multiple levels.
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    Ghost Chickens In The Sky

    "Ghost Chickens in the sky" Leroy Troy - YouTube
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    "The Maple Kind!"

    I just came across this old video again and thought I'd post it. If you've seen it before I bet you'll still get a laugh out of it! Really funny video This dogs loves bacon The Maple Kind! - YouTube
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    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." - WTF: A Random Tiger Walks Into a Convenience Store
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    A couple of old timey videos.

    Vintage interviews with two men who witnessed Lincoln's assassination. 85-year-old Civil War Veteran Lauren Higbie singing "Veteran's Last Song".
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    Tough snowblower.

    You ever want to do this to that one neighbour who always parks so inconsiderately? :D Fair Snocrete Snowblower vs car - YouTube
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    Tough snowblower.

    Double post.
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    Treasure hunting with metal detector.

    Man finds "treasure chest" out in the woods while metal detecting with his girlfriend. [VIDEO]
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    Somebody had too much free time on their hands.

    The blue marble. [VIDEO]