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    TV shows...the good, bad and the ugly...

    thanks for the recommendation, we'll give it a try. We just watched "Squid game". It was ok, but nowhere near meriting the massive hype. We started with English dub but switched to original language and English subtitles, which is better. The dubbing misses the intonation, which is important.
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    70 yearly man build a tiny cabin for his granddaughter out of recycled pallet wood

    As long as the old pallet wood is free of toxic chemicals.
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    TS 1610F 4WD Clutch Repair

    they shouldn't cost that much, but I don't know about Iseki.
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    Impala head gasket blown

    Fun to read the end report of the story and know you had a good result. I had a 1965 Impala...that was around 1990. I wonder where it is now?
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    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    I did the same thing; went from 2 single bars to 2 crossed bars, doubling the blades. My deck is bigger though. 1/2 ton and 9-1/2' wide. I figured the only reason not to was if there wasn't enough torque available to do the extra work. The deck maker says 20hp, and my tractor has 85Hp, so...
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    They held without complaining. I've only used it that way a few times, but I don't expect any trouble. The main difficulty is that my FEL doesn't have enough tilt to dump the concrete. I solve that by lifting a little, then tilting the forks back, then the mixer drum forward so I have more...
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    What else do you do with forks besides lift pallets?

    Lots of things... My back doesn't like heavy lifting, but my tractor doesn't mind in the least. To pour concrete, I just lift the whole mixer and take to to where I need it. I added some plates that clamp the mixer to the forks. 4wd 4 ton mobile scaffold;
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    Simple Tool For Operating Hydraulic Couplers

    They seem to be a domestic Portuguese transport company. So no, I haven't tried them. For this sort of thing I'll use cheapo grips from an area DIY store, ebay Spain, or Amazon.
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    Simple Tool For Operating Hydraulic Couplers

    I know where to get them; they won't be Irwin ones. I had a big collection of genuine made in USA Irwin vice grips... Had... Oh well. I'll buy some discount store ones for this. Posting things into here from outside the EU doesn't work well. Things get stuck in customs for a long time, and...
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    Simple Tool For Operating Hydraulic Couplers

    We don't have Harbor Freight in Portugal, but thanks anyway.
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    Reconditioning the cutter bar on my NH451

    I pressed the rivets. I made 2 hardened anvils for my press. It's a 20 ton press but I think 10 would do it. This is for my home made hedge cutter, it has cutting blades above and below to work with a scissor action. 48 blades, 96 rivets. I think the press works better than a hammer, but...
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    Simple Tool For Operating Hydraulic Couplers

    Me too, I want one too! Those hydraulic couplings are a bit diabolical, you need vise-grip hands. Or vice-grips.
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    Got to use my DIY diesel generator,

    I had a similar engine; a mitsubishi 3 cyl 900cc, 22HP I didn't have much luck using mine as a generator though, it would slow down too much under load. The governor wasn't nearly precise enough. I could only use about 2kw of AC power. That was an alternator from a 5kw Honda generator, capacitor...
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    If this can happen to a really smart guy like me. . . well...

    Last HD crash I had, it would work sometimes and crash after some random time. I pulled it out of my laptop and put in in an external drive case to attempt data recovery. I found it would work in a certain position, on one edge, without crashing. All data was recovered. I didn't bother trying to...
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    3 point hitch rippers

    Yes, it goes on the SAME. Several times, I've pulled 100 meter tubes through the ground, 2' under. It doesn't like curves much though. As a ripper I've used in on roots and rotten stumps. Sometimes it does stop the tractor, all 4 wheels still turning. when it sticks, the draft control wants...