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    Tractor Shortages

    Here in Upstate NY i am stunned by the lack of inventory at the local Ford dealerships, and Deere. Other brands are nominally better stocked (kubota best of all). Geopolitics are wildly complex so I won't wade into that swamp, but please consider that state side car manufacturing (union and non...
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    Ford 8n Oil Pressure

    mine would run 5psi ish at idle when warm; I also remember that on slopes it would suddenly go to zero. Scared me a few times
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    Finger Lakes NY Owner?

    oneida ny here. About 30 miles from the finger lakes region.
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    New Kioti CK2610 HST- A few problems

    Bobcat 2025 here, 53 hours. (very similar kioti made). My HST selector is notchy from new, but never fails to shift. I definitely give either F or R pedal a little punch if it is stiff. I shift constantly since you have to be in neutral/brake lock to jump off the tractor. I am always opening...
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    MF 210-4. Where do you buy parts?

    I used to own this tractor; it was made by Hinomoto in Japan, and the motor is a toyosha if memory serves. Massey has changed hands and suppliers many times over the decades, so parts through a dealer network will probably be tough. I would start with a tractor dealer (online) that sells grey...
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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    I have a bobcat 2025 (kioti) with 55 hours so far; got it this spring. I really only need to engage the front axle when moving dirt or slogging through muddy trails. All my mowing and manure spreading are easily done in 2wd. Any reason to use the front axle every once and a while? I don't really...
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    50 hours on mine this summer, no regrets.
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    Pallet Forks?

    i use clamp on trash forks with great success on my bobcat 2025. Visibility is a definite issue, and for a big jump in price, quick attach would be the best option. However, I dont use it that often - and mostly in spring to move brush and trees cut with chain saw. Takes literally a minute to...
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    Advice on 25 hp tractor purchase

    i have a Bobcat 2025 which i think is very similar to the kioti you mention. We loved the Bobcat vs all others because of the cab layout, fit and finish, metal fenders and hood, and dealer network in my area. I planned to get the 35hp version but on test drives found it to be much louder. I am...
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    Price Check Massey ferguson 1010

    The tractor was made by Hinomoto in Japan in the 80s. The only source likely for parts would be a grey market specialist dealer; i would google for a place like that. Sold in US under Ago/Deuz Allis/Allis Chalmers brands. I owned an earlier 2 cylinder one (MF 210) that did have Toyosha engine...
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    Concerned with new Bobcat CT2040

    i have the ct2025, and can use high on fields and modest hills with no problem, but i agree it engine needs to at least be at the ptoE setting (i think 1800) if not 2100. When doing heavy loader work i find that 2,000 is perfect; even slightly less reduces the lift strength and speed. It is hard...
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    CT 2025 for 9 acres?

    i have 20 hours on my CT2025 - all happy so far. Great local dealer, and my wife and i simply liked the controls and fit and finish best of all the brands. We test drove everything. Oddly i wasnt too worried about regen - I had planned to get the 2035 but it was much noisier than the 25...
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    NH Workmaster 25 vs Kioti CK2610

    i shopped both these tractors (kind of, I was looking at the bobcat version CT2025). In the end, i bought the bobcat - but i liked them both. New Holland was more expensive, engine was significantly smaller in displacement. Bobcat/Kioti also has a nicer operator station which i really like.
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    Short operator, seat modification kubota L2800

    My wife is 5 2", and the seat on the kubota L2800 we are looking to buy doesn't forward enough for her to operate pedals fully seated. Has anyone modified or replaced the seat to position if farther forward? looks like we could try drilling new mounting holes. Curiously, several other tractors...