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    Used Value vs Age

    Not for another couple hundred years. EVs are the future, ON the road.
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    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    Interesting. I'm in NY state, and the way I read my policy, I'm covered for non-road registered equipment for theft, damage, and liability for "business" use as long as my "business" doesn't earn more than $2500 a year, but I best check with the agent to see if I'm reading right. Tractors are...
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    Wow! That is really effective, and the working in reverse is probably more useful than the front facing ones!
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    Used Value vs Age

    In 15 years or so, I won't be around to see it, but all the new sub-100hp tractors will be electric, and they will be relatively cheap compared to what we pay for new diesels now. On cars, the original complicated and fuel mileage robbing stuff from the early anti-pollution stuff is long gone...
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    Used Value vs Age

    The Chinese are moving towards an electric motive system faster than the USA, where the oil companies are doing their best to prevent it. Most tractors under 100 hp that use diesel fuel will be obsolete in ten years anyway, when it all goes electric, even in the backward US of A. I'm just too...
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    Used Value vs Age

    From what I've read, and I hope it's accurate, most of the early problems with the tier 4 emissions have been fixed, and there isn't a big deal about it any more. I would think some of the earlier machines might have taken a hit in resale value, because there were problems. Having bought a new...
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    Unnecessary MMM greasing

    Different machines have different requirements. The Kubota GR2120 deck wants grease "daily," which I interpret to be about every 8 hours. Bush Hog RFM gets it about every 25 hours. I'd do it more because it's especially easy for that one, but I think it's sufficient.
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    Toolbox for NH Workmaster 40

    Used a cheap plastic ammo box, bottom reinforced with plywood inside and glued. L bracket and piece of 2x4 cut to fit underneath to support it if it ever wants to slide down. Obviously need to get shorter bolts and probably, when ambitious, will lower the whole thing a couple inches. The...
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    Mowing Kubota diesel overheating.

    I wonder if anyone is using Evans permanent waterless antifreeze? I used it in my TC26DA once the warranty was up. It's expensive, and requires a flush with its own special flush stuff prior to putting it in, but it has no water, claims to be permanent for the life of the engine. It is a...
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    My first leak at 21hrs

    Look at the bright side.. sad for you perhaps, but happy for the next guy who has the same problem and gets that same tech, if he remembers..
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    My first regen on my Boomer 55

    Got my first regen on Workmaster 40 at 17 hours. Likely early because I've been using it quite a bit at low rpms, in quest to avoid running long at fixed RPMs during break in. It was uneventful, saw the lights go on and proceeded to use opportunity to mow for awhile. Smelled some but not too...
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    How many Attachments?

    RFM, chipper/shredder, box blade, Rear blade, PHD, snow blower. Looks like six. Seven if you count clamp on pallet forks for the loader. Eight if you count the 3 point box I put on a TSC frame.. Hope I haven't forgot any, lol.
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    3pt log splitter

    What is it with carburetors today on small engines?? I use non-alcohol gas, add stabilizer, and it seems I'm constantly fixing or replacing carbs anyway. Very frustrating. It's true that they sit around for long periods without getting used, but that's always been the case with my machines...
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    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Electric tractors WILL be made less expensively than comparable diesels within four to five years, tops. Diesels are extremely sophisticated engines, and so too are hydro transmissions, which will be 100% obsolete with electric tractors. With lifts at both the front and rear ends of the...
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    Help me choose a riding mower.

    If your land is flat, a zero turn is fine. Too steep here for zero turn, so I have a Kubota GR2120, diesel. It was the only machine with front wheels that are powered that was low enough to fit under the apple trees. It has made me nostalgic for the wheel horse. Too many headaches to list...