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    Too much plow?

    Please post pictures for what you did. There are a couple of ways to do wheels on a plow, one is to put wheels on it such as with a drawn plow and the other is to put a single tail wheel and turn it into a semi-mounted plow. It would be interesting to see what you did.
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    Looking for a good compact tractor

    Reading what you wrote, tractor weight actually was one of your most important criteria as you sought a tractor "as light as possible" to avoid tearing up your lawn. Tractor weight, either how little or how much, really is probably the most important factor. I submit that turning radius and...
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    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    You can add ballast to tubed tires. It would add quite a bit of extra work to install a tube in a tubeless tire as most tractor tires today are tubeless. Also any leaks in the tube will result in the ballast getting inside of the tire and rim, just somewhat less of it compared to no tube.
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    PTO shaft

    The same #2 grease you squirt into the universal joint zerks and the guard zerks actually is the recommended thing to use on the shaft as well, although there is no zerk. Squirt some out of the end of your grease gun and use your finger to smear it on the outside of the inner shaft. The inner...
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    PTO Generator

    I think the answer if a PTO powered vs. standalone portable vs. dedicated backup generator is the best choice depends on the situation. I have a 12 kVA PTO powered unit mounted to a 3 point carryall. This feeds into the house through a 50 amp inlet box right at the corner of the garage exterior...
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    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    Reading this thread, the OP clearly is overloading the front axle and will destroy it if he continues to use too little ballast. He should read the owner's manual to see their ballast recommendations and follow it. I suspect it will call for a lot more 3 point ballast than a 400 pound box blade...
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    Changing tire size

    A 9.5-16 tire uses a wider rim than an 8-16, the 8-16 uses a 6" wide rim while the 9.5-16 uses an 8" wide rim. You would also need to increase the size of the rear tire as well, lest you destroy your MFWD system. The rolling circumference of an 8-16 tire is about 94" while the 9.5-16 is about 99...
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    50-70hp tractor needed

    I think that you are right to look at full sized utility tractors such as the ones you listed as an upgrade from a medium-sized compact if you want a significant improvement in ground clearance and pulling power. If you also want to keep an easy to get on, easy to get off tractor, you will want...
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    Buying Advice Switch from LS to Deere?

    I wouldn't make that trade. I have run a New Holland Boomer 50 which is simply an LS R4047 in a darker blue and with a different loader. This is the same tractor as yours but with the "pump turned up," it has the 47 HP fuel setting on the four-cylinder Mitsubishi and also has the same...
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    Q's on replacing MF230

    You are looking at 10-15 times as much to buy a new tractor than the few grand you say it will cost you to do work on your existing tractor. You also say you don't use the tractor all that much and "hate spending money," so the answer is pretty clear, keep your current machine or trade it on a...
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    How important is engine displacement on same class of tractor?

    A smaller engine making the same power as a larger engine will have either more turbocharger boost or a higher RPM, or a combination of the two. You do NOT need more RPM to get more turbocharger boost, you can also get more boost by altering the turbocharger geometry and size. Torque curves in...
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    Q's on replacing MF230

    Your tractor is physically about the size and weight of a larger compact, which typically are about 45 HP to 60 HP. A 30 HP unit is going to be noticeably smaller. I had an approximately 30 HP diesel 4x4 with a loader and have run a 50 HP compact similar in size and weight to your MF 230, it is...
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    I see probably more Deeres than anything else from the '70s and '80s around here, lots of 20-55 series machines around. There are quite a few '70s and '80s Fords and early '70s Internationals, but not much for Internationals from the late '70s through the '90s around here.
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I was knocking the people who were knocking those of us "still" using wheelbarrows.
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    Nope, not young. My recommendation for buying an old pickup or using a tractor or even a wheelbarrow, and predilection for a regular clutched manual, all of which are certainly very out of favor today, speaks to that. For the record, my tractor is an open station 2WD utility tractor with a...