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    Anyone identify this plug?

    Looks like a power T-connector, popular with many ham radios. Google "T power connector" and you will find many hits like this;
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    Over the years I've been burned every way possible from counterfeit bills embedded in banded currency to stolen bank checks forged to be cashier checks. Years of experience have taught me to only accept payment two ways, Zelle for low amount transactions or a met at the buyers' bank.
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    Trouble finding insurance for tractor

    Getting insurance coverage is difficult for tractors and other land management equipment depending on the state you live in. I'm in Michigan and the best I can get is $15K coverage period. No other policies I can find available since losing KTAC after the loans were paid in full. If anyone has...
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    Please tell me this isn't what I think it is

    In the spring of 2018 I took delivery of a new 19-foot fishing boat. Once home, I did a complete inspection and found one of the four wheels had one acorn style lug on backward.
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    zero turn mowers EXPENSIVE

    I'll chime in, my vote goes for commercial grade mowers for larger properties. I cut about 5 acres of mixed ground, trees, some wet areas, etc. I would use up the typical "big box" store mowers in two seasons. In 2011 I bought a Kubota ZD323, while it may appear to be more costly upfront...
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    More Weekend MOWING Tragedy

    Can't help but wonder if the mower had ROP if the results would have been different.
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    Advice on Lawn Vacuum for ZD Mower

    The Cyclone Rack attachment does not articulate, it remains parallel to the ZT, there is no flex in the deck hose.
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    Advice on Lawn Vacuum for ZD Mower

    I went with the Cyclone Rack. The rigid trailer mount with a well-managed deck tube was my deciding factor. Since I mow very large areas, the addition to the rear swing wasn't an issue. I did add a 45 degree elbow off the exhaust port to divert the exhaust away from the CR's engine. Other than...
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    Advice on Lawn Vacuum for ZD Mower

    yep, that is it, the power vacuum pick-up. I'm leaning towards the CR XL, I can't seem to find a reason not to go with CR. The DR's articulating hitch coupled to a ZT just doesn't sound like the best solution for me.
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    Advice on Lawn Vacuum for ZD Mower

    I've watched the videos from DR and Cyclone on their lawn vacuum systems. The two issues that I see are the clumsy connection to the mowing deck's output chute and the collection hose routing. I'm looking for a way to suck up leaves from my drainage ditches in the fall as well as collect grass...
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    GM 2.7 I-4 Turbo gas engine.

    I think a lot of the past issues with the emissions of on-the-road diesel-powered pick-ups should be left in the past where they occurred. I have been running a RAM Cummins 3500 since the spring of 2015 with zero issues. I'm currently shopping to replace my 2013 RAM 1500 and the choice has come...
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    Another Tractor Death

    I'm sorry to tell you this. My neighbor died Monday evening it a terrible tractor accident. My neighbor that lives one property over, a Deputy Sherrif, that patrols our area noticed the barn open and lights on. Realizing this wasn't normal he pulled in to check and found Mr. Miller. We learned...
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    Solar Battery Maintainer, AKA: Tender Recommendation

    I am looking for a solar battery tender like device for the battery that runs my dump trailer's hydraulics. I spent a few hours looking at and reading the numerous offerings which is overwhelming. I'd appreciate recommendations from those that have used a solar maintainer for a year or more with...
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    Sump Pump, GFCI - Would you?

    We recently had our crawl space encapsulated which included a sump with dual independent pumps. Our local code requires dedicated 20 amp circuits for each pump but it leaves GFCI up to us. I Googled this topic and was presented with "yes you should" and "no you don't". What do you all do? For...
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    Is air ride my solution?

    I had an issue last winter where the surgeon cut me open from my rib cage to south of the border. Come spring I was still quite sore and soon discovered I could not mow on my ZD. The bumps were painful but the bilateral movements were worse. My issues were further complicated by my height (6'...