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    DIY forks

    649652 2x2 steel tubing and trailer hitch receivers. Need a little more clearance than normal forks but still lift most anything and used left over materials
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    Cheap FEL cylinders keep bending

    I've been back dragging on my GC lots since I got it. I'm very careful when going forward and never go too fast in case I hit something solid. I've hit things solid enough to stall the motor two or three times but did no damage. Going backwards I've put the cutting edge vertical all the...
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    I'd express my feelings a bit differently. I have a desire to NOT HAVE the features. I'm gathering parts to build/restore a new pickup for myself because I can't buy a new one without all that junk.
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    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    In the 50's it was oatmeal mixed with hamburger for patties or meatloaf.
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    Shipping container for tractor storage

    I used a 40' aluminum container for storing an old car, scaffolding and left over construction materials for 20 years. This was in Richmond B.C. where the climate is similar to Seattle. I was amazed at how much condensation could gather on the ceiling. I had lots of used 2" foam available...
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    Changing coolant yearly or lack thereof.

    $1.97 here for 4 litres. I use it in my GC 2610 and my CTS-V. All my older stuff gets tap water.
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    Saving Money as Prices Increase

    About 1/2 of our income is from condo rentals. We will get by, but it would be a lot easier if the government didn't force us to subsidize our tenants. One condo is rented at current market at $1100 per month. Four just got their rent raised by $12.00 to $812, maximum allowed after three...
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    Concrete foundation without a cement truck

    Sometime in the 60's or 70's when concrete delivery wasn't available in the area I assisted my ex's father to pour a concrete foundation for their new house. It was about 1000 square feet with 8 or 9 foot walls at the rear and sides, about 3' at the front. We used 3 mixers and 3 men on each...
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    Help me design a way to transport and lift this fuel transfer tank

    It looks like there might be a possibility that this set up allows the tank to tilt towards the heavy end. using four straps or chains would prevent that.
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    Put new tires on the front of my 2010 GC2610. Wore out the originals and they had serious cracking on the sidewalls. The last week one needed air every day. Bought R4 tires and wheels from the Kabota dealer for less money than the Massey dealer wanted for tires alone. Now I have orange...
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    Anyone using a Snow Bucket / High Volume Bucket?

    The bucket I made for my GC2610 is 72" wide. If the snow is of the variety that makes good snowballs I can have difficulty pushing more than about 100'. The tractor will begin to power out and stop moving. I will then have to pick it up and dump before continuing. On occasion it will...
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    Anyone using a Snow Bucket / High Volume Bucket?

    I needed a bucket because I would run out of room with a plow or pusher. I made my own bucket for a GC2610. 50% wider and 25% higher. Turned out to be exactly the right size as any larger and my tractor wouldn't be able to lift a full heavy load. It cut my plow time by 50%
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    Garage Heater

    I had this problem in the seventies when I had no money and absolutely needed my car fixed. I found that if I put my wrenches in a bowl of warm water to heat them up that I could work much more comfortably. Obviously this limited my selection of tools but I got it done.
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    Should I replace my 2" trailer hitch?

    There is an adjustment on the underside. Make sure you remove all unnecessary slack when the hitch is locked on the ball. That's probably the reason it came off.
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    Water line question

    I had planned to install 3" sewer pipe as conduit for 1" pex to my shop but after reading this thread I think I need to research more. I installed my own yard hydrants using 1 1/4" black poly that is used locally for well drops. I wish I had bedded it in sand but took care to keep away any...