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    Nice! Got the bigger loader as well.
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    Parts manual

    Parts manuals are free online at Click on "parts" at the very top of the page. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Lucas 10301 $8.69-local NAPA has 1! Sister stores have 18 more at 4 locations. Nothing else showing at warehouses. Seems like I was selling it for 5-6 bucks when I retired 3 years ago. Good Luck!
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    Tires for 2016 Kubota BX25D

    I'm looking forward to hear what the dealer has to offer for tires with or without rims. Good Luck!
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    Tires for 2016 Kubota BX25D

    Not sure about BX models,but most tractors require new rims when changing tire types. Good Luck!
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    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    On our old school mechanical injection fuel systems,additives that emulsify the water in the fuel to be burned up in the combustion chamber were fine. New high pressure common rail injectors can't deal with any water. The high pressure will boil off the water and leave the injector with no...
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    Tires for 2016 Kubota BX25D

    I know it's been a little while,but a few years ago you could buy a set of tires and rims for a BX for about $400. See the dealers salesman-Whole Goods. Good Luck!
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    Water in fuel causes $10,000 damage to my Kubota Grand L6060

    Bummer on the issue! Didn't we have a member from Alaska with the same issue on the same,or similar tractor last year? He had more like 2500 hours though.
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    Add an Aftermarket Temperature Gauge?

    I've always loved the old 270 degree sweep mechanical temp gauges with that tubing going the the sending unit location. No electricity needed,except for lighting. It's neat to watch the temperature rise a little after the engine is turned off! Good Luck!
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    T6 replacement

    T6 5W40 is back in stock at NAPA here last week. There's hope yet!
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    Pouring fuel from cans

    With the current hot weather everywhere,that graphic picture is very comforting to me-really!
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    Kubota overheated!

    The coolant temperature gauge does not work if there is no coolant to measure the temperature of. Good Luck!
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    Valve lash adjustment?

    Surely it is in the WSM somewhere. The adjustment interval for Kubota seems to be 800 hours. That would be listed in your Operators Manual under maintenance schedule. The procedure would be under engine,perhaps cylinder head? Good Luck!
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    B3350 and diesel particulate filter

    Not pushing for the B3350,but member sandyc from Maine had his B3350 cab fixed. He has since traded to a BX model Good Luck!
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    Unicorns do exist.

    At least T6 5W40 is now available for those waiting!