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    Broken Branson SL00 Joystick

    Well tell her to quit operating it when she is mad at you 😂😂
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    Neighbor lost insurance coverage!

    I certainly hope that can be straightened out. Being declared incompetent after the fact could be a challenge. You are a good neighbor and friend to answer his call in time of need.
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    Broken Branson SL00 Joystick

    Looks like pivot bolt breaks out of the cast material. Is that function curl dump or lift lower. If lift lower is your detent difficult to engage and release?
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    Broken Branson SL00 Joystick

    Are the pivot points well lubed on the joystick? Did any of the mounting bolts work loose? Did you feel excessive force was required to move the joystick one direction vs the other? I do not have original valve so can’t comment on their strenght.
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    Getting clay mud off tires easily

    Tractor, Maybe not an option but can you just keep the vehicle in the mud vs driving around your yard? I don’t believe there is a good solution to getting the mud off consistently and reliably with out some serious elbow grease being involved. I.e. machine dedicated to mud duty and another kept...
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    Rotory screw log splitter

    I have seen a couple of videos where people had adapted a back hoe to be a log splitter. I do not recall if they used the bucket curl for split or exactly hiw they worked. But with these they could pick the pieces up and split into a pile or trailer vs having split pieces scattered about. On...
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    YM336D Wet Stacking?

    Rscotty is correct in checking the injectors before Condemning the engine. A leaking injector will fill the cylinder with fuel.
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    Getting clay mud off tires easily

    Here in Illinois if the mud on road causes an accident the person that left the mud can be held liable. I know this from an accident I had on my motorcycle a few years ago. As a semi retired farmer intentionally leaving large mud clods on the road is just plain stupid. I understand **it...
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    Cub cadet 1541 serious oil problem

    Do you have equipment to perform compression test? If yes this should help diagnose if bad cylinder and possibly if valves or rings. Typically if rings shooting a little oil in the spark plug hole and immediately recheck compression will provide higher compression reading. Bad valve compression...
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    My interpretation was missing or misfiring on one or both cylinders. I could be 110% wrong though.
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    Will this 3 point attachment work with post hole digger ?

    My only suggestion would be to measure the lift arm travel and height vs a tractor with cat 1 3 point or do mock up of post hole digger frame to see how far it travels. It might work fine or might only have 3 foot of travel. All depends on geometry of lift arms and post hole digger.
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    Can I use R&O oil ?

    Is the R&O rated for wet clutch and brakes? Most hydraulic oils have rust and oxidation inhibitors but not all have correct additives for wet clutch and brakes.
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    Hydraulic cylinder lock wire question

    Is this a new packing gland or are you using the original? Was there a bent end on the original lock wire? Like Wdchyd I suspect hole is either filled with broken end of old wire or crud and possibly both.
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    Water pump leaking

    Potentially defective water pump would cause low hour seal - bearing failure. Does the pulley on the water pump wobble if you push or pull on it?
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    Will this 3 point attachment work with post hole digger ?

    How does that three point mount to your skid steer? Bolt directly to the frame or on the quick tach frame? Curious since I have never seen a PTO on a skid steer. As an option you can replace PTO shaft with hydraulic motor.