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    truck tire

    It does now, but it originally stood for Tuscaloosa, Alabama where the TA radial sport tires were engineered and developed. Most of the All-Terrain tire designs came after the merger with Michelin to target light truck applications. That's what they claim in the Tuscaloosa plant, anyway.
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    truck tire

    I got 60K on the OE set. So, I put a set just like 'em back on the truck (just before I bought it from fleet. ;)). Happy with the tires, but not so much with the OE discs. Gonna have to upgrade to something that doesn't rust so easily, groove, and wear out pads. The do like to be inflated...
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    truck tire

    I just sold my old 1992 F-150 to my stepson. I put Michelin XC-LT4's on it YEARS ago. They NEVER leaked. Rotated once, they had 60000 on them and still look like they have 60000 more. 90% of tire life is alignment for the way the vehicle is going to be used and based on the geometry of the...
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    Cheap lake home? May or May not happen. (It is a go!)

    Looks like you had squatters, or whoever was there before just LEFT. Kinda creepy with the cheese grater just sitting there like it was used 10 minutes ago, and the unmade bed with sheets still on it. If your roof is ever gonna leak, above the bathtub is the best place, I reckon. Might need a...
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    Bar oil quality

    That was my point, exactly. What difference does it make if the oil is used oil or bar oil? It's still going to make a mess wherever it oozes out if the saw isn't cleaned up after use. I have a pretty good carry case for mine which limits how much of the stuff gets on the floor of my shop...
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    Bar oil quality

    Pine resin is what used to be the additive. I remember seeing different ads for what kind of pine and which coast it came off as selling points. We used to dissolve some with kerosene to make a paste, then mix in used motor oil. Or, scrape some fresh pitch off a cut and use that. I ain't got...
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    Small Post-Framed Barn Construction: Opinions Welcome!

    Nope, just regular construction screws, but a butt load of them. Each truss has 120 screws (60 each sided) in it for all the escutcheon plates and the webs. In addition to the screws, every escutcheon got a nice coat of Gorilla wood glue to stick them to the component beams. I used 14' 2x4's...
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    I’m so honored

    I have both ends of the spectrum. One neighbor, smokes pot with her kid in the back yard, lets her dogs run wild, and then accuses me of calling the pound. Told her, "The pound costs too much. A .22 would fix the problem I have with those dogs a lot cheaper". One across the street, let me...
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    Small Post-Framed Barn Construction: Opinions Welcome!

    About the only thing I would have done differently on the framing is skip the center posts and put up trusses. I made my own and had a 24' span. There is ZERO sag in the roof and the building is probably going to land somewhere in one piece if a tornado ever gets it. I put all the trusses...
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    anyone with experience on tingling fingertips after touching hot pieces a couple months ago.

    I got my hand with a belt sander in high school, back in 1974. Ripped all the nerves and soft tissue off the first knuckle of the left hand index finger, exposing it to the bone. I remember seeing the joint to this day. I didn't lose any motor function of the left index finger, but if I rub...
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    Get A SubSoiler Maybe For A 50 Foot Trench?

    I caught the County Line brand subsoiler on sale at TSC for about $149. I just looked and the current price is $349, more than double what I paid. I needed to cut a trench through hard clay/rocky soil for a water line to my new shop. That would have taken a week to do by hand, using pick-axe...
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    What creates "bad diesel" fuel ?

    Have you tried any fuel conditioners/anti-gel additives? So far, I'm still running on the OE fuel filter. Bowl is clean, fuel is crystal clear. News of bad fuel spreads fast these days considering the price. If you're having problems, check with neighbors and friends and locals about whether...
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    What's your weather today?

    Someone forgot to tell Central Alabama that it's January.
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    Lyre bird is a liar bird

    They have a few of them in the Adelaide zoo. Very cool to hear them mimic everything around them.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    She was so ugly, her mama had to tie a pork chop around her neck to make the dog play with her. She was so ugly, her mama fed her with a sling shot.