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    John Deere Model B vs Farmall Super C?

    Yeah, I'm not looking to do any "real" work with it. Just for show and play.
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    John Deere Model B vs Farmall Super C?

    To piggyback off another thread here, I'm looking for a strictly "fun" vintage tractor. Needs to be something small, but bigger than say a Farmall Cub. I'm a big guy and don't want to look like I'm driving an oversized lawnmower. Main purposes would be going to tractor shows, driving in...
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    Rotary Tiller J2030

    Definitely not a good thing to turn with a ground engaging implement still in the ground. Something has to give somewhere. I used a 5ft with my J2023 and it worked just fine.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    There’s also a Dearborn 10-1 plow that is actually right down the road from me. Guy wants $250 for it but it does not have a tail wheel.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    Guys, I just don’t have the funds to buy a rotary tiller. And while it worked great, my plot was hard on it due to all the rocks and roots. I found someone selling a 2 blade disk plow (not a harrow) that’s a little closer but he wants $385 for it.
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    What Attachment for Making Fire Breaks?

    Guys, I'm looking for a new attachment to use at my hunting property. I have a 2 acre plot that I let grow up in native grasses each year and then over the winter I burn it all off clean and start fresh again next year. Before, I was using my father in law's rotary tiller to make a dirt "ring"...
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    Single ATV Trailer Ideas

    Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a replacement trailer for my ATV. I really have a specific use/need and I'll explain why. I currently have a 4x7 homemade, all-steel trailer and I've replaced so much stuff that I'm tired of working on it. The metal is getting rusted and I think it's time...
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    Thinking about a Farmall...

    I really have no need for one, but I’ve just been wanting one. My Gpa has a really nice Super H that I just love to drive and play around on. I have a 5 year old boy who also loves to drive it around the yard (with me of course). My Gpa also had a Super C for a while but sold it because he...
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    First Antique Tractor?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying an antique tractor for something to play with. I already have a 40hp tractor with a loader, hydraulics, and 4wd. I'm really just looking for something to tinker with and maybe pull a blade or landscape rake. I don't really have a lot of mechanical ability...
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    Poulan Pro 42cc Bar Replacement

    Guys I think I’m gonna put a new bar and chain on my Poulan Pro PR4218. It’s 42cc and has an 18” bar. I just bought an Echo Timberwolf 22” bar so I’m thinking of putting a shorter bar on the Poulan for more of a limbing/trail saw. Should I go with a 14 or 16” bar?
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    50-60cc Saw Recommendation

    Guys, I’m looking for a 50-60cc saw somewhat on a budget. I currently have the 30cc Stihl MS170 with a 14” bar and it works pretty good for limbing and cutting smaller trees, but there are times when I have a need for something bigger. I had a Poulan Pro 18” 42cc but it didn’t like to start for...
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    Chainsaw Sizing

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    Chainsaw Sizing

    Fellas, I’m thinking about upgrading chainsaws but I have very little knowledge about what might be “right” for me. Right now, I have 2 saws for different purposes and that system seems to work well though I’m not entirely happy about my saws that I currently have. One saw is small and...
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    300-400cc ATV Recommendations for $1700-$2200?

    Alright guys, my old Kawasaki Prairie 360 laid down on me to the point where it's gonna cost more to fix than it's worth combined with the fact that additional repairs will be more frequent now due to it's age. It's time to start looking for a replacement. I have plenty of time to look for the...
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    Tent Setup for Hunting Season

    Hey everyone, looking for some opinions on a tent setup for deer season this fall. My property is only 25 miles from my house and the last few years I have just been driving back and forth each day and night. This year I’ve decided to just camp out and stay for 2-3 days at a time. The gravel...